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The Big Picture

  • Robyn Dixon has a history of covering up Juan Dixon’s scandals and cheating, even defending him in the media while he was with his girlfriend in Europe.
  • Despite Juan’s disrespectful behavior towards Robyn, they remarried and are now facing another cheating scandal, with Robyn lying about her knowledge of it.
  • Robyn’s decision to defend Juan and believe his lies makes her look foolish, while Juan is able to thrive and avoid consequences for his actions.

When Robyn Dixon joined the original cast of The Real Housewives of Potomac, she joined as an unmarried woman living with her ex-husband, Juan Dixon, as roommates. They slept in the same bed despite being divorced, and the eyebrows of every single other housewife were raised at every mention of their relationship. Robyn and Juan were high school sweethearts who stayed together during college. The then-unmarried couple had gotten married for the first time a few years into his NBA career in the early 2000s. The couple’s first son was born in 2008, followed by their youngest son in 2010. The Dixons were living the good life, and it seemed like that life could last forever, but tragedy struck in multiple ways, leading to their split.

Juan began a relationship with a woman named Cris Sanchez while Robyn raised their two sons, primarily alone. He asked Cris to join him abroad, and he lived with Cris while playing for various European leagues. He gushed about the relationship with his new girlfriend when interacting with the media. He referred to Cris as “the love of my life,” and apparently, the couple was living a fabulous life in Spain. According to this article from the Patch, “At first, life in Málaga felt like a dream. The team provided them with an apartment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Dixon emerged as a Euroleague star, averaging about 18 points per game. The couple went on regular excursions through the quaint neighboring towns. It wasn’t the NBA, sure, but it worked.” While Juan was in Europe living his best life with his new lady, Robyn was still married to him and was home with a toddler and a newborn baby.

Presumably, feeling abandoned, Robyn made some financial moves and invested in a family friend’s business. The “business” turned out to be a total scam and ended tragically when the family friend ended his own life after his financial misdeeds were discovered. The Dixon family was officially broke. Matters continued to take a turn for the worse when Juan tested positive for steroids while playing for the team in Spain. He was suspended and later recruited to a Turkish team before getting injured and returning home to a financial disaster in his household. Robyn and Juan’s divorce was finalized in 2012, but he went back to his family due to financial reasons. After seasons of playing the fence, they became engaged in the Season 5 finale. They wed in August 2022. But his cheating and disregard for Robyn haven’t stopped. While Robyn is vilified in the press and by her co-stars, Juan is living comfortably off of Robyn’s coattails.

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Juan Dixon’s History of Cheating Is Matched By Robyn Dixon’s History of Ignoring It

Robyn and Juan Dixon RHOP Reunion
Image via Bravo

Juan was not particularly enthusiastic about his and Robyn’s family being featured on the Bravo show. Being on the show would mean that his failures would be on full display. His NBA career died the second he was cut by the Atlanta Hawks before the season began in 2009. His international career was damaged due to the steroid scandal, something both he, Robyn, and his ex-girlfriend Cris vehemently denied. Juan felt that it was likely a supplement he took and was adamant that he’d never take steroids. Robyn also came to his defense in the media and shared the same story, all while he was traipsing around Europe with his girlfriend. Whether he intentionally took steroids or not, this was the first public instance of Robyn covering for her husband. The pattern was being built then, but at least that excuse was valid.

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Ten years after their divorce was finalized, Juan and Robyn remarried. Both fans and cast members on the show were baffled because he was nothing but disrespectful to Robyn on nearly every occasion. Unlike Cris Sanchez, who Juan said was the love of his life and that he would not have survived being in Turkey without, Juan has done nothing but disrespect Robyn on and off camera. Despite all this, she remarried him and was immediately met with a new cheating scandal. She lied about knowing anything about it and attempted to monetize the situation, leading her fellow cast members and fans to become furious with her. Many called for Robyn to be fired before the 8th season, but that did not happen.

Juan Dixon Thrives the Most When Robyn Dixon Is Covering His Lies

'RHOP' Cast with Robyn Dixon and Karen Huger in focus S8 EP4
Image via Bravo

Now viewers are being forced to watch another season of Juan being disrespectful towards Robyn. It’s clearly becoming harder and harder for Robyn to make up excuses for him, because lately they are ridiculous. Juan’s story of helping out the woman he allegedly had a relationship with makes no sense. At all. He claims he was trying to be a nice guy and help out a girl in need, but he can’t even bother to give his own wife similar courtesy. If he’s not willing to help his wife out in the basic ways a husband should, it’s highly unlikely he’d go out of his way to get a hotel room for a woman he barely knows. Unless, of course, he was getting something in return.

Robyn has made the willfully ignorant decision to believe every lie Juan tells her. She looks utterly ridiculous defending him, to the point that even her bestie, Gizelle Bryant, became fed up with Juan’s lies. The most ridiculous excuse Robyn has come up with yet came in episode 4. Gizelle informs Robyn that Juan was yelling at her, and Robyn said that Juan speaks loudly because of his time as a coach. This, much like Juan’s hotel room story, makes absolutely no sense. If Juan was yelling at Gizelle because of his time coaching, wouldn’t he be speaking loudly all the time? Ultimately, the only person that looks foolish in this whole scenario is Robyn. Juan is a jobless alleged adulterer, and it seems like he’s living his best life. Especially now that there is enough drama arising within the group to take everyone’s focus off of his own marriage. The more Robyn is able to focus on other drama within the group, the less he has to worry about dealing with his own scandals. Juan Dixon is winning thanks to his consequence-free life right now, and Robyn is paying the price for it.

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