Kate Beckinsale is ‘absolutely not’ messaging you: Actor opens up about scary catfishing scam | #daitngscams | #lovescams

  • Kate Beckinsale had to move house after being caught in a catfishing scam.
  • Several men had been humiliated and scammed due to the scam. 
  • She says that her boyfriend at the time was completely freaked out.

Catfishing has ruined the lives of many people, leaving those who are victims to find ways to protect themselves. Kate Beckinsale was forced to move house after a catfishing scam. 

She says that her boyfriend at the time was completely freaked out. “The catfished guys were humiliated, and some of them arrested; the scammers weren’t caught, and I ended up ultimately having to move house. So long story short, if you think I’m messaging you, it’s not me,” she wrote via Instagram. 

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“During lockdown, several men had been catfished to the degree that they flew to Los Angeles from out of state, had been given my home address and arrived on my doorstep late at night (on different nights, over a couple of weeks) thinking we were in some sort of relationship.”

She revealed the incident as she shared an improvised sketch called Kate by comedian Jimmy Wyngarde. In the sketch, he tells his friend he is dating the actor and shows off their messages. The friend laughs and insists he’s been scammed.

“Can this please be the definitive answer to anyone who thinks I am messaging them or talking to them on Google Hangouts or asking them for money or sending pictures of my passport or driving license – or that my personal assistant is messaging them on my behalf or anything in that vein?”

She stressed that “it’s absolutely NOT me, and you are being horribly taken advantage of, and please report and block anyone doing this to you.”

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