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Reality star Kim Kardashian hilariously shared her 10-year-old daughter North West’s sly business venture, which sees her scam her famous mum’s friends $20 per glass of homemade lemonade

Kim Kardashian shares hilarious business venture started by her 10-year-old daughter North

Kim Kardashian recently revealed her 10-year-old daughter North West’s hilariously corrupt business venture in which she sells overpriced lemonade for $20 (£16) a glass to her famous mum’s friends.

Kim’s daughter North, who she shares with her ex-husband rapper Kanye West, opened up about the outrageous business her child operates in order to make a quick buck. The reality television star said that her daughter will scam her own close friends convincing them to buy her expensive homemade drink.

The 44-year-old businesswoman told GQ: “She gets a huge pitcher and fills it, puts it in her wagon and goes down to the corner. She has a table and chairs and fans to keep herself cool.”

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Scott posted a sweet snap of True and her friends working their lemonade stand (Scott Disic/Instagram)
Kim says that she is trying to protect her children as much as possible (Getty Images)

The mother of four hilariously explained the young entrepreneur’s sly business and told the news outlet: “She makes signs. She stays there hours and hours. Her friends help, so she splits the money with them. If a random person stops, she will charge them only $2,” and continued: ‘[But] if she knows you, she will fully scam you. I’ll get calls from my friends saying she charged them $20 for a lemonade. She’ll grab their $20 and say, “I don’t have any change.”

Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend, recently posted an adorable snap of True and her friends manning their lemonade stand business on his Instagram story with the caption “Get your [lemon emoji].” In the sweet promotion, Scott captured a precious moment of the 10-year-old with her three pals as they stood surrounding their table filled with a big glass jar of lemonade and colourful homemade jewellery.

In the same interview, Kim touched on her children’s childhoods and how she does everything in her power to life them as “normal” of a life as possible despite them living a life in the spotlight. The 44-year-old mum said that she loves to see her children do normal activities like being able to “ride their bikes to their cousins’ houses” and making a lemonade stand.

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