“Kim Seokjin” trends on Twitter as Korean military app releases BTS’ oldest member’s first photo as a soldier | #lovescams | #datingapps

On Friday, December 23, Kim Seokjin, BTS member Jin’s real name, started trending on Twitter as the Korean military app released the first photo of BTS’ oldest member as a soldier.

In the photo, The Astronaut singer can be seen looking straight at the camera with a badge that reads “ROKA” in English, which stands for Republic of Korea Armed Forces and his name “Kim Seokjin” can be seen written with his birth year “92” scribbled on the side.

The Korean military app uploaded the picture with the caption:

[📸PHOTOS] 11th Division 2nd platoon, team 546 Kim SeokJin 92[source: from trainee sketch at theCamp site] https://t.co/ewh5W4rQFn

ARMYs took to social media to trend “Kim Seokjin” and share their first update since BTS’ oldest member enlisted in the military. Notably, it has been 10 days since his enlistment on December 13.

BTS’ Kim Seokjin warrants emotional and loving reactions from fans in his first look since military enlistment

Chances are one might have noticed “Kim Seokjin,” “My Jinnie,” and “I miss him so much” trending on Twitter. That’s because the Korean military uploaded a photo of BTS’ Jin’s first official photo as a soldier on their military app called The Camp.

The Camp is a website and app that the family and loved ones of those in the Korean military can use to get timely updates about their meals, photos of their real-time well-being, and where letters can be sent virtually to the enlisted soldier.

BTS’ oldest member officially enlisted in the military at the 5th Infantry Division in Yeoncheon County in Gyeonggi Province on December 13. His bandmates personally dropped him off and even shared group pictures with Kim Seokjin, showing off his new buzz cut.

At the time, ARMYs flooded social media sites and online forums with sweet and loving messages dedicated to The Astronaut singer. It has been 10 days since Jin began his military service, and fans are happy to see his first photo as a soldier and have taken to social media to share their fan reactions.

They couldn’t help but marvel at how good he looked in the military uniform and showered praise on him.

i miss him so much it’s not even funny anymore i’m gonna kms bring him back immediately https://t.co/8tBTHoUUkE

@btspicstwt_ OMG finally there is news from hyung… even though it’s like this, just looking at the picture, I’m super happy… thank you so much hyung aaa I hope you are always healthy, strong and patient faighting myWWH https://t.co/zeoh9HwEe7

Before his enlistment, Jin shared the first look of his buzzcut on Weverse and, in his trademark humor, wrote, “It’s cuter than I thought.”

He also requested that fans not visit him on-site as this might lead to crowding and casualties. Additionally, BIG HIT MUSIC also requested fans to stay away from illegal merchants trying to sell tour packages and BTS merchandise and not get scammed in the process.

The Camp also revealed they would be making a separate page for celebrities where fans can write letters to their favorite stars and not cause any disruption to other users.

BTS’ Kim Seokjin bids adieu to ARMYs with a cheeky reference to League of Legends

A couple of hours before leaving for the military, BTS’ Kim Seokjin posted a message for ARMYs. In trademark Jin style, he wrote:

“Now it’s the curtain call.”

It is a cheeky reference to his favorite video game League of Legends. Funnily enough, the character who says the above words is a character called ‘Jhin’ and the BTS member’s favorite and most preferred character as well.

He confessed that he always wanted to say this, as this is what the character named ‘Jhin’ says as well in League of Legends.

BTS’ Jin will be discharged from the military on June 12, 2024, a day before the group’s 11th debut anniversary.

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