Leaked phone call allegedly captures Twitch streamer ‘Kiara’ confessing love scams | #youtubescams | #lovescams | #datingscams

An audio recording of a woman sounding like popular Singaporean Twitch streamer Kiarakitty admitting to scamming multiple men of their money surfaced online yesterday. 

The female voice in the audio file that went up on YouTube yesterday could be heard boasting to a man about how she had scammed at least seven different people, including one with a disability, for their money and never got caught. She claimed one of the men even gave her more than S$30,000 (US$22,000) in life savings.

“I make up a really good story like trust me,” the voice said. “I’m a natural, honey, I was born to be [a scammer]. I scammed like seven guys and never got caught.”

The 15-minute-long video of the audio recording that was posted online with the title “Kiarakitty exposed scamming money Part. 1” also contained a screen capture of the caller’s phone, indicating that he was on the line with “Kiara.” A photo of the streamer, who has more than 200,000 followers on Twitch, was also shown on the phone. 

It is not clear who the man on the phone was and what their relationship is, or who was behind the @Ourfallenwarriors Instagram account that promoted the audio to its 90,000 followers. The video was uploaded to a YouTube page called “Incel Army,” which previously shared largely random videos.

“This has to be shared,” the sole post by @Ourfallenwarriors said this morning. “If you usually believe in the victim, and support ‘innocent until proven guilty’ etc, do read this to support real victims. Even if you don’t, read it anyway and help to share this so that this doesn’t happen again to others in the future.”

Neither Kiaraakitty, who is known for live-streaming her daily activities and gaming, nor the owner of the Instagram page, immediately responded to Coconut’s queries.

The female voice in the audio also said that she took S$30,000 from someone who earned the money from his National Service after she lied to him about having a growth in her kidney. She also said that she lied about being raped by her father so that he would not touch her. 

“I know this is crazy, I scammed everything off. I took all his freaking savings. I told him that I got a growth in my kidney and I need money and I took it slowly,” the woman said, adding that she was later reported to the police over the “love scam.” However, she said that none of the transactions were recorded.

“And then I just kept telling him like not now, and they just [gave] up after a while. All these guys just give up, they can’t do nothing to me because they are the ones who gave me the money so I’m really screwed up, I really don’t give a fuck because you can’t arrest me for loaning me money. You can’t do that, you offered it, it’s your fault,” she said.

After this story was published, the man behind the @Ourfallenwarriors Instagram account told Coconuts that he had been scammed before and wanted to raise awareness after coming across the video yesterday.

“I am just a 20 year old who [has] been a victim of scam [earlier] and understand that the recovery process can be very difficult. I converted an existing page and decided to use it to help spread the word – along with using other platforms to spread the message,” he wrote.

Update: This story has been updated with a statement @Ourfallenwarriors on Instagram.

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