Lonely old woman left stranded in cold after paying £3k to catfish posing as hunky soldier | #lovescams | #military | #datingscams

A doctor was tricked into believing she was speaking to a hunky soldier – and lost £8,000 after falling for a catfish con.

This is according to James Elliott, 33, whose photos were exploited in the sinister scam.

The former serviceman turned psychotherapist has had hundreds of messages in the past three years from distraught women who believed they were speaking to him online.

He is now convinced that the problem is so common that government-funded adverts need to be on the TV warning people not to send money over the internet to strangers.

And he said more education is needed on romance scams – rather than judgement.

James urges the public to stop judging lonely women who get catfished(Image: jameselliottofficial/Instagram)

He told the Daily Star: “The message I had from the doctor proved these women are not stupid – they are just lonely and vulnerable.

“And being lonely is a serious issue.

“Not seeing something as an issue because it’s never affected you personally is the definition of privilege. Those people usually have family around them or financial security and it is so easy to forget about the people who are lonely or alienated.

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