Loose Women panel caught in fiery debate over ‘love scams’ as fans slam Gloria’s ‘stupidity’ | #datingscams | #lovescams

The panelists discussed ‘love scams’ on today’s show – but Carol McGiffin and Gloria Hunniford did not agree with each other, prompting viewers to get involved on Twitter

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Loose Women: Gloria and Carol clash over ‘love scams’

Today’s Loose Women panelists were caught in a fiery debate over ‘love scams’ – with Carol McGiffin and Gloria Hunniford disagreeing with each other.

The four women were discussing how a man – who has been dubbed the British Tinder Swindler – has been jailed for four years after he scammed a woman out of £157,000, after meeting his victim on a dating website.

Speaking about the controversial topic, Christine Lampard asked the others if it should be the bank’s responsibility to help foot the bill, or not.

Carol insisted it should not be the bank who pay, while Gloria believed the opposite.

Carol McGiffin and Gloria Hunniford disagreed with each other



“It’s very easy to be skeptical and judgemental about it,” Gloria said.

She went on to explain she knows a woman who was in a similar situation and had to seek help afterwards as it took a toll on her mental state.

Gloria added: “You drive yourself crazy, thinking, ‘How could I do that?'”

Meanwhile, co-star Coleen shared: “You feel stupid yourself. It’s that moment of, everyone’s gonna go, ‘How could you fall for that?’ But it was so well done.”

But Carol butted in as she didn’t agree with either of them.

Gloria thinks the bank should foot the bill of innocent victims



“I feel sorry for those women, I really do,” Carol began.

She continued: “My heart bleeds for people who must be so trusting and desperate and lonely and whatever.

“But I cannot accept that the bank would pick up the tab for it, because that’s the other customers paying for someone else’s gullibility and I’m really sorry about that, but I just don’t want to pay for it.”

Carol concluded: “If it happened to me, I wouldn’t expect anybody else to pay for it, I’d think, ‘You idiot – what have you done?'”

Coleen waded in on the disagreement



After she said her piece, Gloria argued about HMRC scams: “People get sucked in out of fear and being in debt.”

However Carol insisted it is “different” and didn’t appear to see eye-to-eye with Gloria.

Fellow panelists Coleen and Christine looked at each other as the two women continued debating with each other.

Ending their debate, Gloria advised viewers: “Pay with your credit card, and the bank will always pay you back.”

Over on Twitter, fans were left torn as most agreed with Carol, but others slammed Gloria’s ‘stupidity’.

The panelists were caught in a fiery debate



One person wrote: “Wow I actually agree with carol. I agree why should someone else have to pick up the tab and compensate stupidity? #LooseWomen.”

Another penned: ” #LooseWomen Just because a stupid person has decided to send money to someone they have NEVER met it’s their responsibility not the Banks. Online you have messages before you send the money!”

A third added: ” #LooseWomen If something or someone is too good to be true and you still fall for it then no, the banks shouldn’t foot the bill. Especially if it’s a romance scam.”

#loosewomen Does anyone seriously think “I’m down-in-the-dumps”, I’ll give a stranger half a million pounds, Gloria? There has to be some element of stupidity involved,” a fourth argued.

Meanwhile, others pointed out how Coleen and Christine had checked out of the argument.

One clocked: “Coleen looking then when carol disagreeing with Gloria said so much and Gloria’s face too think carol is really p***ing them off today with constant disagreement to each topic #LooseWomen

*Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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