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Love Island is unveiling its contestants. (ITV)

Love Island is welcoming a whole new group of singles to the villa once more – this time in South Africa, for the second ever winter series.

Contestants are being revealed ahead of the series launch next Monday, 16 January, when Maya Jama will make her debut as the show’s new host.

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Who will follow summer’s winners Ekin-Su Culculoglu and Davide Sanclimenti to become the series winners?

All the Love Island winter 2023 contestants

Tanya Manhenga

Winter Love Island 2023: Tanya Manhenga. (ITV)

Tanya Manhenga (ITV)

Age: 22

From: Liverpool

Occupation: Biomedical science student and influencer

Tanya says she’s looking for a boyfriend, but guys with big feet, no socks on in the house, or taking baths without bubbles give her the ick.

She says: “I have vitiligo, which is a skin pigmentation, you may not even notice it. It’s on my lip and I have a stripe on my hair. Not many people know that but I think it’s quite cute. I don’t care about covering it up all the time, I think it’s a vibe.”

Kai Fagan

Winter Love Island 2023: Kai Fagan. (ITV)

Kai Fagan (ITV)

Age: 24

From: Manchester

Occupation: Science and PE teacher

Kai describes himself as chilled and caring, and as a Jamaican citizen has played rugby 7s for Jamaica. He now plays semi-pro rugby for Burnage RFC and says he has “technically got three different degrees”.

He says: “I’m single by choice. I’m looking for the right girl. I feel like I have quite high expectations. I don’t feel I should commit to someone unless I’m absolutely buzzing over them, because it’s not fair on them.”

Lana Jenkins

Winter Love Island 2023: Lana Jenkins. (ITV)

Lana Jenkins (ITV)

Age: 25

From: Luton

Occupation: Makeup artist

Lana says she’s worked with lots of celebrities as a makeup artist and even had a brush with fame herself – when she was six and living in Spain, she was an extra in sitcom Benidorm.

She says: “I don’t mind people texting me all the time but if you send me question marks if I’ve not replied to you in a while, you’re gone. That’s a really big red flag for me! Also if I see a guy trip over, that’s an instant turn off.”

Ron Hall

Winter Love Island 2023: Ron Hall. (ITV)

Ron Hall (ITV)

Age: 25

From: Essex

Occupation: Financial advisor

Ron thinks he is the most genuine person you will ever meet, and says he’s a rarity as a nice guy.

He says: “On meeting me, you’d never know I am blind in one eye. It was the result of a football injury when I was 8; I went in for a header and got kicked in the face. I’ve got two different coloured eyes, one blue and one green.

“It’s added to my character, there are so many people that are worse off than me. And if anything, losing something like that makes you realise that. It’s not hindered me in any shape or form. It’s a good conversation starter I must admit.”

Anna-May Robey

Anna-May Robey (ITV)

Anna-May Robey (ITV)

Age: 20

From: Swansea

Occupation: Payroll administrator

Anna-May says she’s a chatterbox who has been finding working from home difficult as she can’t talk as much as she’d like, and is under pressure from her mum to find a boyfriend.

She says: “I went on a date once and I never saw him again. We went for food and shared a bottle of wine. As I was speaking to him he fell asleep! I had to clink his wine glass to wake him up.”

Love Island returns on 16 January at 9pm on ITV2.

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