Love scam? Chinese tourist claims she was cheated $120k while holidaying in Singapore, Singapore News | #lovescams | #datingapps

One Chinese tourist’s leisurely vacation in Singapore went from a dream to a nightmare in the span of two months.

The woman, surnamed Jiang, came to Singapore for a vacation this year and ended up being scammed of US$90,000 (S$120,000), 8world reported on Tuesday (July 4).

Jiang toured the island country for five days beginning on May 1 this year and met a man through a dating app the day prior to her return to China.

The man, Zhang Yi, claimed to be a 35-year-old from Hunan, China who was working locally in a construction company. 

He also told Jiang that he’s lived in Singapore for seven years and became a permanent resident some two years ago.

After confirming that Zhang was indeed based in Singapore through the dating app’s location services, the duo continued their correspondence on WhatsApp.

Through their phone calls to each other, Jiang recognised Zhang’s southern Chinese accent, which lent truth to his prior messages.

On May 20, Zhang allegedly sent Jiang a link to download an app for cryptocurrency investments and exchange.

He even loaned her US$35,000 to invest on the platform and promised that she would earn a huge profit on June 24.

When Jiang tried to withdraw her ‘earnings’ on June 27, she was told she had to pay more than US$20,000 in taxes before she could do so.

Subsequently, Jiang claimed she faced several delays on the platform, and was even asked by ‘customer service’ to remit more money when she tried to withdraw her earnings.


Between May 20 and June 27, Jiang funnelled over US$90,000 into the cryptocurrency app, all while Zhang was allegedly critically ill with Covid-19 and was hospitalised at the Singapore General Hospital. 

He told Jiang he was short on cash and demanded that Jiang return the US$35,000 she had ‘borrowed’ from him.

Sensing something amiss, Jiang contacted the Chinese Embassy in Singapore as well as the police last Friday (June 30) but was told to approach the Chinese police first.

She told 8world that Chinese police are currently investigating the case.


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