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A man has moved to Thailand to live in a three-bed villa with a pool and Jacuzzi as “it’s cheaper than London” and saving him £9,600 in rent every year.

Richard Klein decided to relocate to Chiang Mai in June after travelling round Asia and falling in love with the country. The ex-athlete had been travelling with his sister, Santa, since October 2022 and they had both initially wanted to move to Barcelona, Spain, before settling on Thailand.

Richard quit his job as a compliance and emigrations officer after making more money as an Amazon seller – and realising he could work from anywhere online.

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He and Santa now live in a three-bedroom villa with a pool and spend £700 on rent, pay £2.50 for their water bill and £25 to £30 on electricity a month. His family had been splashing out around £1,500 monthly for their home in Twickenham, south-west London – double that of the rent now in Thailand.

Richard now lives in a three-bed villa with its own pool and hot tub (Image: Richard Klein / SWNS)
Richard takes in the views in Thailand(Image: Richard Klein / SWNS)

Richard said: “I found in the UK every person you meet is going through the system and not sure what they are doing. You have the ability to express yourself in Thailand. It’s cheaper and the weather is nice. There are lots of digital nomads here.”

The brother-sister duo are currently living in the country on educational visas; Richard is learning Thai boxing, Muay Thai, to comply with his.

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