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Although some users insist on denying it, cryptocurrency scams exist and create serious problems among investors. Since cryptocurrencies were created, and now with their exponential growth, these types of illegal activities have increased considerably. Now there are more and more scammers who use methods of different types, and the one that we will talk about today is quite well known, but it has been updated a bit.

According to recently published information, a man has stated that he lost his life savings to a cryptocurrency scam. Steve Belcher is the victim of this scam and claims that he met a woman on an online dating app. When they strangely met they had a lot of things in common and similar tastes, including cryptocurrencies.

Once they met and confidence increased, on one occasion they had a conversation about digital assets and the scammer told her that there was “Something” in which she had invested a few years ago and with which she had earned about 70,000 US dollars and in that At that time Steve was very interested, first, because he was interested in the woman he was talking to, but he was also interested in earning some money.

The scam system

This scam system is nothing new, it has been around for a long time and has evolved over time. Several years ago when the internet had not come into our lives, it was quite common for scammers to contact people by phone and find a way to please them and establish romantic relationships and then scam them.

Although it sounds like something that may be a bit silly, involving feelings can cloud some people’s judgment. This is someone who has many interests in common with me and will also make me earn money, this added to many other promises that scammers surely make to achieve their goal.

Steve, a 52-year-old man, said that he had been in communication with this woman for quite some time. In fact, he commented that he had fallen in love with her online and after the sentiment had gone “True” she convinced him to invest in a mobile and web app.

The victim told authorities that this app looked quite legitimate. In fact, Steve is a software engineer and there was nothing unusual about it for him, so it gave him a lot of confidence. Once he made sure that everything was fine, he deposited money in the fund account and among the money he had put was that of his retirement.

What differentiates this case from the previous ones that are quite similar, is that the victim was able to withdraw the cryptocurrencies on one occasion. This made him think that it was something quite serious, so he did not worry until he decided to withdraw the cryptocurrencies later. When he tried it, a customer service agent of the application told him that to get the cryptocurrencies and his money he had to pay a loan before.

And this is when Steve realized that he had been scammed. The sales agent was demanding a payment of $ 1.5 million from him. In addition, he threatened that he would freeze the account if he did not pay the amount he was asking for. Before this Steve told him that he was going to seek help from the FBI and that he was going to send a public alert about this type of scam.

The authorities do nothing

The consequences are quite clear, the case is about a 52-year-old man who has lost all the money in his life in just one month, but this has not been the only one. Recently, news broke about several cases in Canada of men and women who have been victims of fairly similar scams.

This type of scam has become quite common. In social networks there are a lot of scammers in dating applications that are dedicated to this. After they establish a relationship with the victim, they tell them to deposit money in a fake cryptocurrency application and thus end up losing all their money.

The point is that although this situation has become increasingly serious, the authorities do nothing. When the previous cases of Canadian users were made public, the authorities sent a single recommendation and that is that they do not give money to anyone unknown as it could be a cryptocurrency scam.

What causes the most annoyance among users is that the chances of them getting their money back are slim and almost non-existent. This situation has made people homeless, without savings and without any response.

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