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The user shared screenshots of the chat on social media.

WhatsApp scams are on the rise as scammers employ various tactics to exploit users by either seeking personal information or attempting to steal their money. Scammers may use tactics such as deceiving users into revealing their WhatsApp verification codes, sending fraudulent links to extract funds, or sending malicious attachments. Nevertheless, there are instances where scammers inadvertently become victims of their own schemes, leading to rather embarrassing outcomes.

In a recent post on the microblogging platform X (formerly known as Twitter), social media user Chetty Arun revealed an amusing encounter in which he engaged with a scammer and turned the tables on them.

Accompanied by a series of chat screenshots, he humorously captioned the post: “Paisa bohot hai. Pyaar chahiye. Had a heart-to-heart conversation about love, the world, peace, and everything with a scamster.”

The chat log reveals an individual identifying as Lavanya, claiming to be an HR representative from a company, and stating she obtained Chetty Arun’s contact details from professional networks like “LinkedIn and” She proceeds to provide information about the company and the job role.

In response, Chetty Arun deviates from the professional conversation, complimenting the name Lavanya and inquiring about its meaning. However, the scammer, posing as Lavanya, offers a polite acknowledgment and redirects the discussion back to the job details, avoiding personal topics.

As the scammer begins to request personal information like occupation and gender for the job, Chetty humorously responds that he has ample money but is seeking love instead. The scammer’s response is equally witty, clarifying that their program is for work, not love.

Amidst this banter, Chetty continues to assert that love is scarce in the world, even citing conflicts in the Middle East as an example. In the end, it appears that after receiving these responses, the scammer abruptly left the chat, leaving it on a comical note.

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