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Engineer Mark Rober is back with a new video explaining how he shut down a phone scam center on the other side of the globe using a bundle of cockroaches and his signature “glitter bomb” package. 

Phone scams have been a problem for much of the modern age of communication, and by all signs, it only seems to be getting worse.

A study from Truecaller, a scam protection and caller identification system, revealed that nearly 30 billion dollars were stolen from American citizens alone in 2021.

That’s where Mark Rober enters the picture. For more than a year he has been attempting to track down the headquarters of one such scam business, and at long last his search is complete.

Mark Rober gets revenge on phone scam center

Rober and his team were able to locate and identify four total call centers across their search. This squad consisted of two other major YouTube channels in Jim Browning of Tech Support Scams and the two-man scam fighting team of Trilogy Media.

With their own version of The Avengers assembled the team set to work devising a plan. Instead of sticking with Rober’s traditional fare of glitter-bombs filled with “fart spray”, this one was a bit more in-depth.

The Trilogy Media team flew to Kolkata, India, and worked with a team of citizens to infiltrate one of these call center offices.

Once these covert agents were in place, the team equipped them with hand-staining soap for the bathrooms, a fake box of Viagra with the boss’s name on it, and also plenty of the aforementioned spray.

YouTube: Mark Rober

Mark Rober’s signature Glitter Bomb was only part of his team’s plan.

Despite having some security issues, like text messages that allegedly advised employees to shoot at Art and Ashton of Trilogy, a couple of lucky strokes meant the plan was in place.

Thanks to Browning’s expert manipulation of CCTV systems, the entire event was captured on camera and can be watched on Rober’s channel.

In the end, this process caused every scam office in Kolkata to close for a few days, and even helped Indian law enforcement enact a plan to raid and shut down an entire building.

We can’t recommend taking this kind of revenge something for yourself, but it does seem to have worked out well for this adventurous squad.

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