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Military Romance Scams are the 2nd highest scams next to financial fraud. These Scams have caught the attention of the United States Military as well as the FBI. They now have a task froce combating these types of crimes. If you believe you’ve been scammed by a person claiming to be a U.S. Soldier, contact the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center and the Federal Trade Commission.

Army CID is warning anyone who is involved in online dating to proceed with caution when corresponding with persons claiming to be U.S. Soldiers currently serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria or elsewhere.

Army CID receives hundreds of allegations a month from victims who state they got involved in an online relationship with someone, on a legitimate dating website or other social media website, who claims to be a U.S. Soldier. The “Soldier” then begins asking for money for various FALSE, service-related needs such as transportation costs, communication fees, marriage, processing and medical fees. Victims of these online scams have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars, with a very low possibility of recovery.

In our March article I discussed being contacted via Instagram by a Navy Seal who wanted to befriend me. Being the suspicious Journalist I am I had many questions.For some unknown I get several ‘DM’s’ a week from men asking me to ‘friend them’ . Immediately I ask do we know each other? Do we have mutual friends? The answers to those questions were no. Which lead me to my next question, How May I assist you? Please note that my Instagram page bio says I’m a former Television News Director, multi Emmy award winning Nationally Published Journalist. Most of the times when I reminded them of this they vanish . My Navy Seal who I affectionately nicknamed him, instagram handel is or was @Raso1316. Raso informed me that Instagram suggested we’d be friends. If your on Instagram you know that this statement is true. In two months time we developed a friendship which lead to ‘serious talks’ of a possible relationship and even marriage . I often told him that I didn’t believe his story and that I think he stole someone’s Instagram account. After multiple conversation about his validity, he told me he was pissed by my allegations and would prove me wrong. Raso didn’t appreciate being called a liar. Raso said he’d FaceTime-Video Call me. Of course my response was ok sure. Lo and behold my phone rang and on the other end was My Seal wishing me a good morning, asking me how was my day going and he loved me. In my shock I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that he WAS A REAL PERSON CALLING ME. After the call I could no longer deny that he was the man in the pictures he sent me.

During the time we spent together which was every waking moment My Seal woke me with daily morning and evening prayers and well wishes. He often asked if I had eaten and to just check in on me to ensure I was ok .

Here’s an example of a morning prayer he sent me : ‘The words of God never returns to Him void’. ‘He has said he will be your refuge and fortress’. ‘He surely will guide you from wicked and evil people before my return, ‘Because the Lord is your God, what is difficult for others shall be made easy for you’. ‘And when others say there is casting down, for you, it shall be a lifting.’ ‘ Good morning, my Love.💕💕💕🔐’.

My Seal is a proud devoted Catholic who wears his faith on his sleeve as a badge of honor . He’s a father of multiple children . We shared tons of photos and video of each other and his children. Let’s be clear My Seal NEVER asked me for money just my time, prayers and love. It came to a end when My Seal asked me to do something that I felt would comprise my morals. I’m sure that may shock some of you but yes we Journalist’s do have morals. I’m sure everyone is wondering if I miss my Seal

and the answer is, of course I do with all my heart and soul. To me, he was the ‘perfect man’ for me. Deeply committed to his faith, commitment to his country and his family. What’s not to love about that? We spent our time together discussing our thoughts on how to raise his children. Our plans for a future together. Our talks were deep and meaningful. Which honestly surprised me. My Seal is extremely thoughtful and deep in his thoughts. I’ve been given photos of my Seal and @DomRaso that aren’t on their social media accounts or available to the public. Two of those photos are my screens savers on my Mac and iPhone.

After our relationship came to a end I decided to do a search for Raso minus the 1316. What did I find? I found @DomRaso who has an impressive Instagram following. Shocked? YES! I friended him on Instagram. Checked out his page which might I add is identical to My Seals page. I decided to listen to a video that @DomRaso posted and to my dismay he sounded and looks just like my Seal. How could this be? I spoke to him, I saw him they both appear to be the same person. I contacted @DonRaso via Instagram messager where he post daily as well as a email to his business website @Crusheverything asking him to contact me. I mentioned to him that I wrote a initial story for NewsBreak (March 2022) based on him and I was preparing to do a follow up which was about him and my Navy Seal. I requested comments or any possible insights he could share. To my dismay he’s hasn’t contacted me. BUT WHY? If someone was using my likeness I’d have something to say,wouldn’t you? All I got was crickets. I’ve checked my spam account as well as my Instagram account and nothing. If either one of them decide to talk I’ll let you know.

In part 3 of our Military Romance Scam series we’ll chat with real women and men, yes I said men who have been caught up MR Scams.

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