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As the cost of living hits, generations are now working together to find the best deals. New research from Plusnet has shown young people are now leading the way on sourcing the best deals compared with parents.

One such person like this is Aimee Wilkinson, 35, from Leeds, who currently works in social media marketing and received financial support from her parents Sandra and Steve over the years.

She said: “My dad introduced me to money early on and taught me the importance of saving, setting goals, and knowing when to treat yourself.”

Aimee has now used her knowledge in attempts to pay back the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ for the help they have given her.

She continued: “I thought it would be useful to apply the knowledge that’s second nature to people my age, to show them how to get the best deals online and use things like apps and technology to get more for their money.”

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“Since I set her up, my mum’s been saving money at places like Argos, Boots and Primark.

“Doing that combined with similar cashback sites and apps like Quidco, Groupon and Wowcher, she now saves around £480 per year.”

The family share money saving tips and tricks with one another, and promo codes have saved Aimee’s parents around £500 so far.

The social media marketer also directed her parents towards websites to save money on holidays and getaways, which has made a real difference.

She said: “By using these websites, my parents have gone on two skiing holidays to the Swiss alps and a holiday to Santorini in Greece, saving around £1,150.”

Sandra has also been able to earn £360 by selling clothes, old furniture and unopened cosmetics, as well as saving £430 by purchasing items second-hand online herself.

Aimee has stressed the huge difference her tips have made in the lives of her parents, adding: “When it comes to saving money, it’s not just about shopping sensibly and setting monthly budgets, it’s also about knowing where to look for good deals, getting creative, being tech savvy, finding unusual ways to bring in extra income like selling things online or starting a side hustle doing something you love.

“I’m so grateful to my parents for teaching me the importance of good value, and I love being able to show them new tips and tricks to help them get the most out of life as well.”

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