Mzansi Celebrates as South African Woman Vanishes with Lobola Money After Scamming Her Nigerian Pastor Boyfriend | #daitngscams | #lovescams

Vanishing Act: South African Woman Vanishes with Lobola Money After Scamming Her Nigerian Pastor Boyfriend

Mzansi is celebrating on social media after it emerged that a South African woman vanished into thin air after she scammed her Nigeria boyfriend of lobola money.

The woman, identified as Sindiswa Majola, reportedly disappeared after her Nigerian boyfriend paid lobola money for her, to her alleged uncle.

Lobola Scam Unveiled: Sindiswa Majola and Alleged ‘Uncle’ Vanish with R150k Lobola Money

According to MDN News, Sindiswa Majola disappeared with her alleged uncle after receiving a whooping sum of R150k lobola money from Michael Obode, a Nigerian Pastor with a church in Mamelodi, Pretoria.

Sindiswa Majola is suspected of having connived with her boyfriend, identified as Bafana Madikizela, to dupe Pastor Obode. Bafana Madikizela allegedly posed as Sindiswa’s uncle during the lobola negotiations.

South African Woman Vanishes with Lobola Money After Scamming Her Nigeria Pastor Boyfriend (Image Credit: X @MDN News)

Speaking out after the incident, Pastor Obode mentioned that Sindiswa and her uncle left the backroom they were renting in Tembisa, Gauteng, and no one knows exactly where they went.

Pastor’s Plight: Nigerian Cleric Threatens Sangoma Visit as Lobola Scam Unravels

Pastor Obode stated that if Sindiswa does not return the money, he plans to consult a powerful Sangoma to bring misfortune upon her. The pastor has demanded the return of his lobola money after realizing that he was deceived by her

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Social Media Celebrations: South Africans Cheer After Lobola Scam on Nigerian Pastor

The surprising and shocking revelation has left Mzansi in a jovial mood. Interestingly, South Africans, particularly men, are happy and celebrating that a Nigerian man fell victim to a scam. South Africans have historically criticized women for dating Nigerian men

However, this shocking development has prompted a change of heart among South African men. They are now encouraging South African women to date Nigerians, suggesting that it presents an opportunity for more scams.

On the other hand, netizens are surprised that the pastor has threatened to consult a sangoma. They argue that he has just proven himself to be a fake pastor by opting to seek the services of a sangoma.

Here are some of the reactions;


So a fraudster got a taste of his own medicine😂

Jollof Pastor 🇳🇬 0-1🇿🇦 Our SA Queen

I’m loving it 🔥❤️


Scammer got scammed damn, the lord works in mysterious ways.
Cheers to lord Christ Amen!


Pastor is gonna go to a Powerful sangoma???
Scammer got scammed!!!


Our sisters are starting to see the light, scam the hard. 😂They now understand the mandate , beat then at their own game , my only fear of their jujus because we don’t have those as South Africans 🥹🥹🥹


South Africa 1-0 Nigeria. Afcon Re-match

Our lovely sisters we forgive you. Date them


😂🤣😂 Weeee Pastor visiting a Sangoma now that’s hilarious. Ever had of the phrase “what goes around comes around?” It’s called karma Pastor Obode🏃🏃🏃

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