New scam in Bengaluru? Professor explains how he was threatened by miscreants | Bengaluru | #daitngscams | #lovescams

Revealing a new kind of scam in Bengaluru, author, professor and deputy director of Takshasila institution Pranay Kotasthane narrated a harrowing experience that he faced in the IT capital. He also alerted the residents of Bengaluru to beware of such scamsters on the road.

Bengaluru traffic police have decided to share the responsibility of assisting with flood-related emergency work alongside BBMP (HT Photo)

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In a tweet, Pranay said, “On Sunday (July 2), we were waiting for the traffic signal to turn green on the Queens Road signal, turning towards Alliance Francaise. After turning, one guy on an Activa stopped us aggressively and started accusing us that our car had gone over his leg. I’m a cautious, slow driver, so I was surprised. Especially when we turned slowly after the vehicles ahead of us had moved. In any case, I apologised profusely, thinking that I might have made an inadvertent mistake.”

He then complained that the accused went aggressive and started banging on the car’s window. “As soon as I did that, he got more aggressive and started shouting expletives. He clearly wanted me to get out of the car and confront him. But somehow, I maintained my calm and just went ahead. After some distance, he took another route and let us go,” he added.

However, two days later, Pranay found the same person claiming that he was injured because of rash driving. A tweet further said, “On July 4 (Tuesday) at around 5.30 pm, the same thing happened to me, this time on Wheeler Road near Thom’s Bakery. And guess what. It was the SAME guy again. He swerved ahead of my car. And he let another accomplice of his, on another two-wheeler, try the same trick. The guy started banging the car windows and made the same accusation. Now I was sure that this was a fraud. Luckily, there were quite a few traffic policemen nearby.”

Meanwhile, he said that police asked to file a complaint as such scams are on raise in the IT capital. “Sharing this in case you notice something similar on the roads. Be aware. Stay calm. Find the nearest traffic police, and don’t get into an argument,” Pranay rounded off.

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