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WASHINGTON, March 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blyss Dating – Bring Life to Your Soul Search – a free dating app for Washington-based college students and young adults now in pre-registration launches Summer 2022. The revolutionary dating app offers a three-type dating structure and user-specific safety features aimed at preventing scams, such as the one illustrated in The Tinder Swindler, a popular true-crime documentary on Netflix.

According to Blyss Co-founder, Stanford Maison, “News of The Tinder Swindler was a real wake-up call for the industry, and the film exposed vulnerabilities across existing dating platforms.” In the film, Simon Leviev (Shimon Hayut) uses Tinder to perpetrate a Ponzi scheme swindling an estimated $10 million from people across the globe. Maison continues, “User safety is our highest priority, and Blyss demonstrates this through numerous features to ensure protection, confidentiality, and integrity.”

Blyss utilizes mandatory facial recognition to prevent “catfishing” (creation of a fictional online persona), and offers a “trusted friend” feature prompting users to notify a trusted contact of their whereabouts before their date begins. Additionally, Blyss includes a “safe-word” feature which, when activated in an emergency, results in real-time support by the Blyss team. “We’re continuously looking for ways to raise the level of safety offered on Blyss,” said Maison, “and that’s something other dating apps are unable to do,” he added.

Blyss co-founders believe many modern dating apps make it impossible for users to actually meet up in person when a high percentage of matches fail to advance beyond text messaging. Co-Founder Hunter Hanley says that rate is 76 percent for women, 72 percent for men. Further, agreeing on a meeting time and place can halt progress even before the first date occurs. Hanley states, “Blyss solves this dilemma by housing a unique three-type dating structure categorized by Interactive, Dining, and Active venues. We connect users by gauging their ideal first dates and matching them with users who favor the same date type.” To facilitate each date safely, Blyss partners with a variety of pre-selected popular local vendors who offer Interactive, Dining, or Active experiences.

Co-founders Hanley and Maison are long-time friends who plan to graduate in 2023 from Rice University and Georgetown University, respectively. Hanley’s near-term focus is earning an Economics degree with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Maison is completing a Finance and Management dual major. Long-term, both aspire to channel their business acumen and leadership into roles that support the welfare of youth and adults in the U.S. and abroad.

Blyss Co-Founders, Hanley and Maison, are available for interviews!

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