NHS Lanarkshire staff used unauthorised WhatsApp group to share patients’ personal information | #whatsapp | #lovescams | #phonescams

NHS Lanarkshire has been rapped over unauthorised sharing of patients’ information on WhatsApp.

Personal data was shared more than 500 times in a group chat that included phone numbers, addresses, images, videos and screenshots, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) revealed yesterday.

An investigation found that 26 workers used the network to communicate between April 2020 and 2022, with a non-staff member even added to the group in error, resulting in the inappropriate disclosure of personal information.

The decision to use the chat was not sanctioned by NHS bosses, who reported it to watchdogs when it was discovered.

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In a statement issued on Monday afternoon the ICO explained the group was set up at the start of the pandemic to communicate basic information.

John Edwards, UK Information Commissioner, said: “Patient data is highly sensitive information that must be handled carefully and securely. When accessing healthcare and other vital services, people need to trust that their data is in safe hands.

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