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Hyderabad: The Cyber Crime sleuths in Cyberabad arrested a person for allegedly cheating people through fake social media profiles of women in the name of dating. The accused has been identified as Megaraj Dinesh, a resident of Vanastalipuram, Rangareddy district.

The police said that Dinesh created a profile called ‘Swetha Shetty’ on the dating app QuackQuack. He would send friend requests to people and work to try and get personal. In the same way, he cheated a person of Rs 4,09,200 under the guise of urgent needs.

Based on the facts, a victim registered a complaint and investigated the matter.

Modus operandi

The police said that the fraudster would create fake profiles of women on dating apps and send friend requests. Once someone responds the accused deceives the victim in the pretext of friendship, love and later, marriage. They would make the victim send nude photos of themselves to blackmail later.

The fraudster would fabricate urgent needs, ensnaring the victim in a web of deceit until the heartbreaking realisation of being deceived by the fraudster. The accused would use the money to play online games.

Public advisory

The citizens are advised to:

1. Don’t use dating applications and do not contact or share personal information with any others over the internet.

2. Watch out for suspicious behaviour such as professing love too quickly, refusing to meet in person or via video chat, or constantly asking for money.

3. If you suspect someone is a scammer, research their name, photos, and any other details they’ve provided. Scammers often use fake identities, and a quick search can reveal inconsistencies.

4. If you encounter a potential scammer, report them to the dating platform and relevant authorities. This helps protect others from falling victim to the same scam.

5. Stay informed about the latest scams and techniques used by fraudsters. Awareness is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself.

6. If you’ve been a victim of a dating scam, don’t hesitate to seek support from friends, family, or professional counsellors. It’s important to address any emotional or financial repercussions.

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