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Life comes with a lot to handle, and more often than not, different situations or circumstances confuse us regarding what happened, what is happening, and what’s to come.

During these times, seeking help from a psychic expert, especially when everything else doesn’t seem to work, may become critical.

Psychics can help you see hidden details regarding your past, present, and future life that you may not be able to decipher independently. These abled humans have inherent powers and abilities that do not conform to those of ordinary beings.

Traditionally, we are familiar with local psychics, but online psychics are becoming more popular today following a shift in technology. Would you love an online psychic session but don’t know where to begin? This article provides comprehensive information and top free psychic sites you can use to obtain accurate psychic readings online.

Top 5 Free Psychic Reading Sites

Mysticsense: The Best Free Psychic Site Overall


We consider Mysticsense a rather new platform. However, we are confident that it is a platform you can rely on for real free psychic readings. Since it has been in operation, many of its clients have showered it with praise for having famous psychics who offer an incredible service experience.

How Mysticsense Works

You can’t begin to use Mystcisense if you haven’t created a Mysticsense account. So, before you begin using the site, make sure to do so. The details you need are an email address, your full name, and a password. You may also need to register your country of origin, phone number, and time zone.

Once you have provided all this information, you are all set to go through the various Mysticsense psychic categories to find an expert you can work with. Even if you want someone with specific skills, Mysticsense offers specialization filters. Otherwise, you are at liberty to choose a reader based on the reading style they use.

You can also narrow down your search further to get readings from clairvoyants and empaths. Every psychic category on Mysticsense has a price range, meaning you can pay as low as $1 for a psychic reading. Still, you can get free readings by utilizing the five free minutes Mysticsense offers you.

Each of the platform’s popular free psychics has a detailed profile where they have their biography, ratings and reviews, and an introductory video. If you are looking for phone psychics, online chat psychic readings, or obtaining a reading via video chat, Mysticsense doesn’t disappoint.

Services Available

You are not limited to particular readings on Mysticsense. You can find services like tarot card reading, spirit medium reading, horoscopy, palmistry, astrology psychic reading, fortune telling, and chakra cleansing.

The reputable psychics on Mysticsense can also offer you substantial help if you are troubled with financial matters, grief, or love or relationship matters. Being a modern site, Mysticsense also offers help with LGBTQ relationship readings.


  • Various filtering options when looking for services or psychics
  • Active social media accounts
  • Accessible psychic information


Kasamba: The Best Site For Free Psychic Love Readings

Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 10.50.18 AM.png


Kasamba has had a free online psychic reading presence for over two decades now. The platform has been excellently meeting clients’ needs, and many of them can vouch for the website’s dependability and satisfaction guarantee. Kasamba prides itself on some of the most gifted psychics in the online psychic world.

How Kasamba Works

The very first step to using this platform is creating a profile, which is a straightforward process. From here, you can begin identifying the different psychics available. Once you are done with that and you find an expert you fancy, you just have to look for the tab titled “Let’s Chat.” By clicking on it, you are automatically taken to a different page. On this page, you provide further information, such as on how you will be paying.

Your business with Kasamba is confidential, and you do not have to fear that your sensitive information may get to the wrong channels or hands.

Kasamba offers a free online psychic reading for only up to three minutes. If you take advantage of this, you can get your issue resolved faster. By obtaining a love psychic reading for free, you can even work on a relationship dilemma you may be having. Simply pose a free psychic question in the top section.

If finding a reader is something you are not familiar with, you can browse the various advisors to check out their profiles. Kasamba is confident about the services they offer, so much so that they promise to give a $50 refund if your reading is justifiably unsatisfactory.

Services Available

Service variety is not an issue on Kasamba. The platform has talented experts who can assist you with navigating tough life matters.

Psychics on this platform offer services like rune and aura readings, crystal gazing, tarot card

reading, palm reading, horoscope reading, dream analysis, pet reading, spiritual reading, and more. There are also others who can help you with readings surrounding intimacy, relationships, family, career, and finance. All these free psychic services are available via chat, video call, email, or phone call.


  • Reasonable refund recourse for unsatisfactory readings
  • Well-experienced psychic readers
  • A helpful mobile app


  • Shorter time for free readings

Psychic Source: Best For Free Phone Psychic Readings

Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 10.51.30 AM.png


Psychic Source has been offering psychic predictions and readings for more than 30 years now. This is a substantial amount of time in the field, so you can depend on Psychic Source for useful readings and the best services.

How PsychicSource Works

Signing yourself up on PsychicSource is relatively easy. You do so in two steps. First, you choose a service type and then provide your personal details. With this, you are all set to go through what PsychicSource has to offer. You can filter the different psychic categories on PsychicSource based on their category, price, and language, Spanish included.

PsychicSource is fully aware of the skepticism free online psychic reading platforms face. However, the platform has addressed this issue by giving welcome discounts and other introductory offers for first-time users.

If you use the platform’s free five minutes, you can shoot a free phone psychic reading question to an expert. It is worth mentioning that PsychicSource is known primarily for rigorous psychic screenings before and while at work and that the platform maintains 100% anonymity for client information.

The free psychics on PsychicSource are categorized according to their time of operation, specialty, and professional background, and these factors are what determine how much you will pay. PsychicSource also has articles and video tutorials you can use to enlighten yourself about psychic readings.

Services Available

PsychicSource offers a wide array of services, including tarot card reading, horoscope reading, numerology, palmistry, spirit reading, and energy healing. Additionally, you can get clairvoyant psychics and advisors for pets, relationships, love, and career matters.

You can talk to chat psychics or phone psychics or engage with an PsychicSource advisor via video call or email.


  • Most experienced free online psychic reading service
  • Introductory packages for $1 a minute
  • Excellent “Find a Psychic Tool”


  • Video calls can be more expensive

Purple Garden: Best for Mobile App Engagement

Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 10.51.40 AM.png


Purple Garden is another psychic site that has shown incredible value for its psychic services within a considerably short time compared to some platforms on our list. The site has been able to garner massive usage from tons of users who speak of its excellent service delivery. It has also been published as one of the best sites for free online psychic readings.

How Purple Garden Works

Purple Garden’s ways of operation typically take the same approach used by the other platforms on our list. To begin using the platform, all you need to do is set up an account. Your email and password are enough for this step.

You can choose the language you want to use on Purple Garden, which makes communication with psychics easy. Based on your search results, the Purple Garden AI gives recommendations about suitable psychics. This is very beneficial if you are seeking psychic help for the first time. The real-time advisors at Purple Garden ensure that you do not have to guess who your ideal psychic expert will be.

Just like with the other sites on this list, Purple Garden offers free minute readings for up to five minutes. You can get advice through a phone or video call or by using the free psychic chat. Client/reader engagement can also be done via the platform’s intuitive app. The maximum time for a reading is one hour, and you must specify the time you will need with an advisor beforehand. This is a good arrangement since you can use it to anticipate costs or find affordable psychics.

Services Available

Purple Garden’s services range from tarot card reading, oracle reading, dream interpretation, crystal gazing, palm psychic reading, astrology, spirit reading, divination, horoscopy, and more. The platform also has online psychic mediums, clairvoyant readers, and advisors who can address matters regarding pets, love, relationships, money, and career development.


  • Psychic recommendation
  • Excellently optimized mobile app and web AI


  • Some may find the app initially challenging to use

Keen: Best for Spirit Readings

Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 10.51.50 AM.png


Keen is site you can trust to offer you quality readings. The platform has also been in operation for more than two decades. If you feel weak in your spirit, this is the site to visit for rejuvenation.

How Keen Works

The starting point to using Keen’s services is registering your account. From there, you are ready to go through the different Keen psychic categories. Keen operates with the idea that identifying a reader is more straightforward if you figure out the type of guidance or reading you need. That is why you can find different psychic categories that are curated to help you with your selection.

Each psychic on Keen provides details about their communication language, skillsets, and strategies used for readings. To make a sound decision based on how equipped you are resource-wise, you can look for and filter the advisors on the platform by cost or availability. That way, you can decide whether free and paid readings are better for you.

Keen’s psychic hotlines are one way to obtain quick readings. Otherwise, you can utilize the site’s free three minutes to engage with free psychics.

Services Available

Keen is the psychic site to first check out if you want to get useful psychic predictions from spiritual psychics. Spiritual and spirit medium readings are among the site’s strongest areas. Still, the site provides services like energy healing, numerology, tarot card reading, astrology, horoscopy, psychic medium reading, palm psychic reading, and more.

In addition, Keen has love psychics, financial and career advisors, and dream interpreters.

These services are priced differently, and you can get them via phone/video call or through the online psychic chat.


  • Quality and dependable spirit readings
  • Promotions and coupons for satisfaction guarantee


Our Ranking Method

When it comes to looking for the best psychics online, finding the best one who can offer you value for your money can be a hustle, which we understand. What’s more, the moment you browse the internet for a “psychic near me,” you get a pool of various platforms, which can be highly overwhelming.

To eliminate the possibility of getting confused during your search and ensure that the process is less tasking for you, we have curated a list of dependable psychic sites you can use to get help, including cheap psychic readings. We have not come up with this out of the blue or out of bias.

Our ranking methodology is based on the factors listed below:

Website Navigation

Online psychic reading platforms require you to go through specific steps, particularly when creating an account or even when searching for a specific service. That is why you will not get much help if the site you are using is not easy to navigate.

However, you shouldn’t worry much when using our recommended free psychic reading online sites. Their registration process is easy, and they also have tools to help you brush through the site easily. For example, they have search tabs and filter options for cost, reading styles, and specialized services. Even as a beginner, you will not have difficulty finding the service or reader you need.

Provision of Service Variety and Satisfaction Guarantee

Online psychic sessions can turn out to be unsatisfactory if you do not know what you are looking for or do not get accurate readings. Bearing these issues in mind, you will be more inclined to choose a platform that guarantees your satisfaction, whether it be how the psychic handles the reading or how you feel afterward.

Dependable online psychic platforms offer various services to enable clients to select the services they deem a right fit for them and avoid reading limitations. They understand that client needs evolve and that their needs may be different every time they seek help. That is why we have listed psychic reader sites that we are confident will satisfy your needs fully. They also have various resolutions in case you feel your reading was not satisfying enough.

Applicable Charges and Discounts

Whenever you are looking for the best free online psychic reading site, it is a no-brainer that you will have a budget in mind and want it to match the quality of the service delivery. Though, the price should not be the only concern for you as the client. Online psychic sites prioritize their pricing too; the better the charges of a particular psychic reader site, the better the chances of getting clients.

Yes, sites have variable prices. However, we have compiled a list of sites that meet the minimum requirements for money value. Moreover, we have included those offering free trial minutes or discounts, especially for first-timers.

Psychic Verification and Transparency

The immense rise of free online psychic reading fraudsters is something we had to factor in. That is why we included platforms that verify their advisors before they can begin offering their services and even after they have begun their operations.

In addition, we have included sites that publicly disclose reader ratings and reviews. That way, you can vet readers. A site that does not provide these crucial details or avenues for clients to leave feedback should always make you think twice about their reader credibility.

Psychic Availability

Authentic psychics make it a priority to be available and helpful for clients. Though, unlike local psychics, you do not get a physical meeting place or an office appointment with online psychics. Due to this, they are always keen on ensuring that they are easily accessible to tend to clients’ needs.

The free psychic reading sites on our list have famous psychics available 24/7, so you can be sure to reach out and get a reading anytime. They have also provided various communication platforms and channels. These sites will come to your rescue if you want to have a session over the phone or via a live psychic chat, email, or video. Some even have mobile apps you can use.

Things to Avoid When Getting a Free Online Psychic Reading

Your search for an free online psychic reading platform can be beneficial, but it also comes with risks. That is why you must go into a session bearing certain factors in mind. For your reading to be practical and helpful, you must avoid and watch out for the following:

Too Much Talk and Too Many/Unnecessary Questions

We strongly advocate that you go for a psychic reading online with an open mind. However, sometimes the experience can be overwhelming, which can cause you to start oversharing or ask too many questions.

So, you need to know that continuous talk or constantly interrupting the psychic with questions affects the quality of the reading you receive.

Good psychics are well-versed in their field, and you must give them the space they need to help you by actively listening. You can ask questions, but keep them minimal. You can engage with the advisor, but be on the lookout for sharing too much information.

Giving Personal Information

It is one thing to provide a psychic with the information they need, but giving out personal or sensitive details is something you must steer away from. This can be a trick by fake online advisors.

Just like with local psychics, accurate psychics on online platforms should be able to give you help without seeming like they are digging in too much.

Scam Websites/Frauds

Online psychic readings have the downside of lacking the physical presence you would otherwise have with local psychics. This ultimately means that there is a greater risk of fraud.

But how do you avoid getting yourself an online session with a fraudster? Typically, the first step should be conducting enough research on the free psychic reading online website to see how reputable it is and if its advisors can be trusted.

Reviews, referrals, and ratings can help you with that, and you can also check out how long a particular website has been in service. Legit psychic reading online platforms provide easily accessible information about themselves as well as have verification procedures.

Negatively Driven and Unrealistic-sounding Readings

You need to know that real psychics don’t guide their sessions with negative talk, such as death predictions or insinuations that you are cursed. Again, legit psychics do not make unrealistic claims regarding your life’s situation(s). The moment you feel like the session is taking this direction, simply end it.

How to Get Online Psychic Readings For Free

For a very long time now, psychics have been receiving payment for their services. After all, they are professionals and experts in the field. Still, obtaining a free psychic reading is attainable. “How and where?” you may ask.

Today, you don’t have to commit financially whenever you need a psychic reading. Your solution is to visit a reputable free psychic reading website. Simply put, free psychic readings are only available online.

Many websites, including the ones on our list, offer free readings for a predetermined or set amount of time. Generally, free readings are available for around three to five minutes. If the set time elapses and you feel like you need more from a complete reading, you are required to pay or subscribe.

Free readings can help you get faster help in challenging life situations. They are also ways to help clients connect and familiarize themselves with readers as well as get a glimpse of what a complete session may entail. With a free reading, you get to eliminate any doubts you may have, get comfortable, and vet a reader.

The vital step to take when going for a free reading is to consider help from a website that has been in operation for a substantial amount of time and one with good ratings and reviews.

Paid vs. Free Psychic Readings: Which One to Choose?

Now that you are aware that you can obtain free and paid psychic readings, your next concern may be which one to select. Here is the whole scoop:

As mentioned earlier, you can obtain free readings but for a limited period. In a way, this may mean that you might not get all the details you require, assuming the time ends. However, as long as you are paying for a reading, you can continue with a session until you are satisfied with the feedback. This means that you can get more refined details. Time availability is a factor that highly determines if the reading you receive is of good quality or not.

The chance of working with an authentic psychic reader is more likely in chargeable sessions. True psychics earn an income from their work. As a result, paid readings are a guarantee that they will put more effort into delivering quality reading. With that said, you also need to know that fake advisors may offer you free readings as a con tactic. So, always be cautious.

Generally, we recommend that you go for a free online reading for your first engagement or if you are unaware of how the sessions proceed. You can narrow down to the best online psychic reader if you try out various free readers (i.e., the ones who feel authentic or give a more holistic approach). If you are happy, you can then subscribe.

How to Find the Best Psychic Reader Online

Obtaining a quality and free psychic reading online is easy, but it requires that you take proper precautions. To ensure that you get a smooth and positive experience, be on the lookout for the following qualities when it comes to choosing the best psychic reader:

Excellent Communication

There is no point in going for a psychic reading session if you can’t understand a reader and if they can’t understand you. The bottom line is that good communication is what guides the session.

If a reader cannot communicate, it will be difficult for you to comprehend their message(s) or focus your attention. Any genuine psychic challenged with a language barrier will always have a translation strategy in place for smooth communication flow.

Substantial Service Time in the Field

They say experience is the best teacher for a reason. It is the same for psychics. A reader who has been in operation for a significant amount of time boosts your confidence in them. Substantial experience is an indicator that a reader is better equipped to manage psychic reading sessions.

Be proactive in finding out how long online psychic readers have worked in order for you to better your chances of finding the right fit.

Excellent Reviews and Ratings

When gauging a free online psychic reader, one thing to look out for is the reviews and ratings they have received from past clients. They are the best tools (but not always) for telling how reputable or good a reader is.

Positive testimonials and reviews say something, and that is that a reader handles their job well. However, it is best to be careful with reviews and ratings. Some may be biased, misleading you. Therefore, always keenly analyze and make review and rating comparisons.


Considering a reader who can satisfy your needs is always crucial. Not all psychic readers are the same; some are more specialized in some areas. If a psychic specializes in the area you are concerned with, go for them instead of approaching one whose specialty is more general. You will get a more valuable reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do free online psychic readers conduct their readings?

Like psychics who engage physically with clients, online readers make connections from an esoteric level. That way, they provide answers about your life. Others use other skillsets, like seeing images (clairvoyance), recognizing feelings (clairsentience), or hearing voices (clairaudience). You can also find other online readers who use objects like tarot cards, crystal orbs, or numbers.

Can I find authentic and accurate online psychics?

Yes, you can. Today, many websites have dependable psychic readers who can offer you help, like local psychics. However, fraudulent activity is also prevalent. That is why you must always do extensive research before settling on a reader, use a reputable online platform, and not ignore reviews and ratings.

How can online psychic predictions help me?

By getting free psychic predictions online, you can find out crucial details about your life you may be unaware of. Therefore, you can use them to prepare accordingly for what’s to come or even connect the dots to certain past situations.

That way, you can have a peaceful mind, find inspiration, and validate particular decisions. By seeking help from an online psychic medium, you can even obtain closure for past traumatic experiences.

Final Thoughts

If you have looked for solutions to improve your quality of life—whether currently or for the betterment of your future—but in vain, it may be time you consider going for a free psychic reading session.

The good news is that, today, your options are not only limited to local psychics. We have listed the top websites/platforms you can trust to obtain the best free psychic reading for an easier journey in life.

All you need to do is prepare yourself accordingly, go in with the right mindset, and let the reader handle the rest. Remember that free psychics are not meant to give you a blueprint of your entire life. They are equipped with unique skillsets to give you insights, outlines, and answers you may be searching for about life.

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