Online romance scam alert! When actor ‘Nicolas Cage’, stole lover’s money on Facebook | #datingscams | #lovescams | #facebookscams

Fraudster poses as famous Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage to scam £10,000 from ‘lover’ on facebook. Know how to avoid falling victim

Are you using dating apps? If yes, then you must stay alert and not fall into the trap of any online romance scam that has become a rage nowadays. Recently, there were several reports of fraudsters stealing people’s money online by posing as famous celebrities . However, it’s not only limited to dating apps but fraudsters are also attacking via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Recently a UK based woman was scammed by a fraudster posing as the famous Hollywood star Nicolas Cage on Facebook and she ended up losing a whopping £10,000 of her hard-earned money.

According to charity Victim Support, the lady was led to believe that she was chatting with a renowned actor on Facebook, The scammer told her that he planned to visit the UK while urging her to keep their relationship “on the low down” and asked for money to pay his taxes. She handed over around £10,000 to the scammer.

This is not the only case. Almost 9,000 cases of romance fraud have been reported in the UK last year as police figures show. However, it’s feared that the true number could be much higher as many victims feel embarrassed to speak up.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from falling into the trap of an online Romance scam

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