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It is the time of year when some of our homes resemble distribution centers. Technology has transformed our porches and front desks into a modern-day receiving center. Remember the old days when we would go to stores, buy our presents, take them home, and wrap them? Today, we order everything from various online retailers, big and small.

But what happens when an online purchase goes bad? Or an expected package is lost or stolen? Usually, there’s not a person locally on the phone to help us resolve the situation. Never mind if a gift is lost. However, unfortunately, Idahoans have to deal with online scammers who want to steal your package and take your money.

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Remember when Amazon just sold books online? Today, you can buy anything shipped to your home, even automobiles and gym equipment. Forbes Magazine reports that over twenty percent of holiday purchases will be online. By 2026, they forecast that sales could reach almost twenty-five percent. 

The Federal Trade Commission reported that almost nine billion dollars was lost to online scammers in 2022. The agency says the scammers will send you a fake text claiming to have a package.

They’ll say they’re from Amazon, FedEx, or whomever, claiming a problem with your parcel. They’ll ask you to click a link, and boom; the scammers will ask for your credit card number, charging you a fee to ‘redeliver’ your package. Once they have your credit card number, look out!

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(Have you seen such fake texts and emails?) They can be convincing. However, if you receive such texts, do not respond or give them any information that will allow them to steal your money.

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