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Appoints Experienced Consumer Packaged Goods Executive Catherine “Triona” Schmelter as EVP and President, Consumer Self-Care Americas (CSCA) and Global Portfolio Optimization

DUBLIN, Sept. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Perrigo Company plc (NYSE: PRGO), a leading provider of Consumer Self-Care Products, today announced the appointment of Catherine “Triona” Schmelter as Executive Vice President and President, Consumer Self-Care Americas (CSCA) and Global Portfolio Optimization. In this role, Ms. Schmelter will lead the strategic direction, growth, and profitability of the CSCA business in addition to overseeing the global portfolio evolution process to consistently deliver Perrigo’s long-term growth algorithm. Ms. Schmelter will report to President and CEO Patrick Lockwood-Taylor.

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