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However, the FBI does good work, and they now have issued a warning to protect you from the latest scam designed to take advantage of you. During the holiday season, Thanksgiving, Hanuka, and Christmas, scammers and other nefarious bad guys want to steal your money. Although the name of the scam may sound like a supervillain from a Marvel or D.C. Movie, the name Phantom Hacker is a real threat. 

The Phantom Hackers are targeting vulnerable and older people. The FBI says that international wars are being used to solicit folks to give them their money. The crooks impersonate technology, government officials, and banking folks, telling them that foreigners have controlled the victim’s bank accounts. 

The hackers then direct the old people to move their money to a ‘U.S. government-protected account. They tell them that their money will be safe. However, it’s all a scam, and folks in Idaho should be aware of the dangers of these online predators. Some folks have turned over their entire savings accounts. 

“These scammers are cold and calculated. They are targeting older members of our community who are particularly mindful of potential risks to their nest eggs. The criminals are using the victims’ own attentiveness against them,” said Special Agent in Charge Robert K. Tripp. “By educating the public about this alarming new scam, we hope to get ahead of these scammers and prevent any further victimization.”


  • The FBI recommends that the public take the following steps to protect themselves from “The Phantom Hacker” scam:
  • Do not click on unsolicited pop-ups, links sent via text messages, email links, or attachments.
  • Do not contact the telephone number provided in a pop-up, text, or email.
  • Do not download software at the request of an unknown individual who contacted you.
  • Do not allow an unknown individual who contacted you to have control of your computer.
  • The U.S. Government will never request you send money to them via wire transfer, cryptocurrency, or gift/prepaid cards

For more ways to protect yourself, click the link here. 

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