Police arrest man wey dey allegedly trick young ladies with love before e tiff dia phones | #daitngscams | #lovescams

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Nigerian Police don arrest one man wey dem accuse say im allegedly tiff phone.

But di twist be say, e dey allegedly pretend say im don catch feelings for di women and then, e go tiff dia phone, run.

Tori be say e use dis scam take tiff phone from four women, allegedly.

Police first hear di tori, on Thursday, 11th of November, afta one woman for Kano Municipal LGA report say man wey she say im name na Muhammad don gbab her phone waka.

Di man, bin allegedly tell am say im love am and collect her and her brother phone say im wan buy dem new ones.

As di phones bin dey im hand, im come tell am say e don loss im car key, ask for help to dey find am, but in di process of looking for im key, “Muhammad ” disappear fiam.

Wia dis foto come from, Nigeria Police

For statement wey di police bring come outside dem say di 22 year old suspect, bin allegedly confess afta dem catch am.

E allegedly tok say na im be oga sabi pesin to use sweet words to take win di hearts of im victims before e go disappear with dia phones.

Police say di suspect say so far e don catch four women for im trap and allegedly waka with dia phones,.

Police PPRO for Kano, DSP Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa say dem gbab di suspect with intelligence patrol and credible informate.

E say investigations still dey go on an and dem go soon carri am go court.

According to di Nigerian Criminal Code, Section 390, e fit spend seven years for prison if dem find am guilty of stealing.

Nigeria get di second most reported cases of romance scams for world only behind di Philipines, according to report from Techshielder.

Di report also tok say na Nigeria be di third kontri wey romance scam don tiff money from pass.

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