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YouTube’s ‘biggest couple’, who have almost 9 million subscribers following their pranks and stories of daily life, have announced they are splitting up.

In a tearful video, Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith – better known as BFvsGF – say they have decided to take a break from their relationship and from daily vlogging.

‘This is like telling a bunch of kids that their parents are getting divorced,’ Jesse said.

The couple, both 33, were famous for their ‘prank war’ which saw both of them try to upstage each other with gradually more elaborate scams, such as when Jesse faked that that his girlfriend’s cat had died.

Their prank when Jeana drew a penis on Jesse’s forehead on a flight as he slept, leaving him to carry on through the airport without realising, was viewed more than 23 million times.

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Their latest and possibly last video together seems deadly serious.

Visibly upset, Jeana adds: ‘Everybody thinks we have a perfect life and it’s really not at all. Everybody has problems and issues. We choose not to put that in the videos usually.’

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In it, the two say they have changed over their seven years of daily vlogging and explain that living life in front of a camera put pressure on their relationship.

‘In the beginning it’s really fun,’ Jesse said. ‘But when it gets to the point it gets to feel like a job – that puts a huge burden on the relationship.

‘Do I love this person or am I doing this for the video? It’s toxic. We need to stop.’

'Biggest couple on YouTube' announce they are splitting up YouTube / BFvsGF
Jeana held back tears during the video (Picture: YouTube / BFvsGF)

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Jeana said: ‘I feel very lost. This is absolutely a very difficult, sad and upsetting time in my life. It’s difficult to be in the public eye. Everybody judges us and our relationship. I 100 per cent wish that it were different.

‘It makes me feel disheartened and sad that there’s probably going to be way more views on this video – this bullshit, sucking part of our life.’

Jesse said he would now move to New York and try to find his daughter, who was adopted.

Jeana said she would remain in Philadelphia.


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