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Punchmade Dev wears the criminal lifestyle like a badge of honor, and he has once again dropped a new song about finessing the system.

On Wednesday (July 12), the 22-year-old rapper dropped “Wire Fraud Tutorial” along with a music video in which he boasts his fluency in cheating. The title of the new single is self-explanatory as the song is essentially a step-by-step on how to commit wire fraud.

Listen up, I’m finna show y’all how to hit a bank/ Just pay attention, this a quick way to jug in any state/ First you wanna get a bank log from a trusted site/ Do your research because the information must be right,” he raps before going into detail about how beginners should go about committing the Class C felony.

Watch the music video of the self-incriminating lesson below:


The reactions to the song were unsurprisingly as hilarious as its subject matter, with listeners flooding the comments section with sarcasm.

“You don’t come across this everyday, an inspirational young man teaching the youth financial stability and how to manage money gained through his legal occupation. Thank you PunchMade Dev I will never forget this extraordinary punch lesson,” one YouTube user wrote.

Another person replied: “Great tips for financial literacy. Exactly what we need!”

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Despite the influx of jokes, some were impressed by Dev’s transparency and attention to detail. To that point, one user said: “I like this dudes style. He’s straight up honest about his shit. No hiding or lying about what he does, just the cold facts.”

This isn’t the first time the North Carolina native has embraced a life of crime and deception. He has previously released multiple songs in the same wavelength as the one above, such as “Easy Scams” and “Scam Tag.”

Other than that, Dev has also released a series of provocative and controversial songs such as “Special Needs Kids,” “Cancer Patient” and “Punch Anthem.” His brand, as of now, is centered on an unserious approach toward serious topics.

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