Punchmade Dev’s “Wire Fraud Tutorial” Removed From YouTube | #youtubescams | #lovescams | #datingscams

YouTube’s harmful or dangerous content policy states “content that encourages dangerous or illegal activities that risk serious physical harm or death” will not be allowed. The policy goes on to advise against the uploading of content that could be determined to include “extremely dangerous challenges,” “dangerous or threatening pranks,” “instructions to kill or harm,” ‘hard drug use or creation,”  “instructional theft or cheating,” “hacking,” and “bypassing payment for digital content or services.”

According to the most current data shared by Google, there were more than 654,000 videos removed in the U.S. between January and March of this year. As for how government requests are handled by YouTube and Google, the latter’s terms says a review of each such request is carried out to ensure “it satisfies applicable laws.” 

“When we receive a request from a government agency, we send an email to the user account before disclosing information,” Google’s terms states. In the event of a “legal prohibition” of request disclosures, Google says, it will not give notice. 

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