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Rahul Gandhi insulting country during foreign trips: Mahendra Bhatt | #ukscams | #datingscams | #european

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 2 Jun: BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt today alleged that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is insulting the country and the state merely to serve his narrow political objectives. In a statement issued today, Bhatt claimed that by levelling baseless allegations against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Gandhi is insulting the country as well as state and is indulging in acts of appeasement of a particular section of the society.

He said that in order to serve their narrow political interests, Congress leaders are not hesitating to dent the image of the country as a whole while they are abroad. Hestrongly criticized the statements made by Rahul Gandhi ‘in insult’ of the country and calling the Muslim League party to be secular. The State BJP President also reminded that Gandhi was also raising the bogey of the minorities being insecure and unsafe in the country.  Bhatt reminded that everyone knows that Rahul Gandhi has been sentenced by the court under due process of law after being found guilty of insulting an entire section of the society, but he is wrongly blaming the Modi Government for his sentence and the kind of rhetoric he is indulging in respect of his sentence while on a foreign trip is sheer disrespect to the judicial process, which is independent of the executive. Bhatt further claimed that Rahul Gandhi’s agenda of minority appeasement becomes very evident by the fact that he sees Jinnah’s Muslim League party as secular and at the same time, Sanatani organisations as communal.

The BJP leader alleged that the Congress party and its leaders are getting increasingly jealous of the rising popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as of the progress of the country. As a result, Gandhi is running the agenda of hatred even when he claims to have opened the shop of love. Bhatt said that it is highly regrettable that Khalistani supporters aggressively raised anti-India slogans fiercely in his San Francisco meeting, but Gandhi did not utter a single word against them and just let them to continue raising slogans in favour of Khalistan. At the same time, Gandhi made false allegations and negative comments in respect of the country’s democratic constitutional and judicial process. Bhatt said that it is ironic that Rahul Gandhi was falsely claiming that Indian economy was deteriorating sitting in US which is presently facing a very severe economic crisis.  Bhatt said that Indian economy is performing well even as the economy of US and European countries is facing terrible recession.
Bhatt also accused the state Congress leadership of trying to tarnish the image of the state in the country by opposing the actions of the government taken to preserve the cultural, spiritual and demographic identity of Devbhoomi Uttarakhand. He cautioned the state Congressmen that Uttarakhand is a state that deeply imbibes the spirit of nationalism and patriotism. Hence the, people of Uttarakhand will strongly respond to the baseless claims made and allegations levelled by Rahul Gandhi in the upcoming elections. Not only the people of Uttarakhand but the people of the whole country will strongly respond to the to the insulting claims of Rahul Gandhi in the upcoming elections.  He said that the Dhami government is taking many historic and bold decisions to preserve the cultural, spiritual and demographic identity of the Devbhoomi, which mainly includes enacting strict anti mass conversion laws, uniform civil code, strict land laws, and taking action against illegal religious encroachments. But instead of welcoming the pro-Uttarakhand moves of the government, the Congress leaders here are trying unsuccessfully to tarnish the image of the state by opposing the government’s action in this respect, mainly to appease a particular community. Bhatt reiterated that the BJP Government had brought a strict anti mass-conversion law to save the daughters. Strict action is also being taken against culprits involved in crimes against women and also enacting the strictest law in the country to prevent the rigging of competitive examinations.  He claimed that while the people of the state are completely satisfied with the efforts of the BJP government, the opposition is trying to tarnish the image of the state by spreading false rumours and is trying to mislead the public. He further claimed that one look at the statistics related to crimes against women, the rate of unemployment, and scams of the Congress governments in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, will easily prove how wrong the Congress leaders are when they speak of BJP ruled states like Uttarakhand.

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