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A new dating app, RAW, has launched this summer and is already booming among young and creative New Yorkers. What they appreciate is its fresh approach to online dating: there are no boring profiles, only real-time photos that users post daily. Users snap back&front shots, and that’s how they appear in the daily swipe feed to find their crush. 

The app has already fixed the major problem in online dating – scammers and сatfishers with its dual camera. You can’t sneakily use old photos or fake your identity here. Now, it’s time to tackle toxicity and ghosting.

RAW has tried out two new features – a ‘Respect Meter’ that publicly shows green or red flags and a ‘No Ghosting’ rule that stops you from starting a new chat with your new crush if you already have too many ongoing unreplied conversations. 

With promising feedback from a control group of users that tested it, online dating could become a healthier and more supportive place. Everyone will get these new features by the end of October 2023.

What are the actual problems with dating apps, in case you were wondering

RAW’s recent survey of over three thousand Gen Z New Yorkers, aged 20-28 and of all genders, has shed light on some concerning aspects of dating apps. A surprising 50% of users shared negative experiences, with a staggering 82% admitting to being ghosted at least once. Additionally, nearly 78.37% of Gen Zers experienced online dating burnout. Ghosting affected 43% of users, and 52% reported encountering ‘catfishing.‘ All of this really drives home just how crucial it is to create a safer online dating space.

“We took a deep dive into the world of dating apps just to figure out what’s actually working. We drew from our own experiences with these apps, but what really fueled the fire for creating RAW were all those ‘dating app stories’ we heard from people on Reddit, TikTok and other social media,” – explains Marina Anderson, co-founder of RAW.

Introducing the ‘Respect Meter’

In the ongoing effort to combat toxic behavior in online dating, RAW has introduced the ‘Respect Meter’ feature and tested it on a group of its most active daily users.

The results are noteworthy: a whopping 70% of users shared that they felt so much safer using the app and noticed a significant improvement in the overall security of the dating environment. Additionally, an impressive 60% mentioned that they now consider other people’s feelings more in their conversations on the app, and an eye-opening 53% noticed that their interactions with matches have become less toxic. 

The “Respect Meter” is a new concept in the sphere of online dating. It empowers users to assess and rate each other’s communication styles and behavior patterns as they navigate their dating journey. This system makes it easier to understand who we are connecting with, taking away any confusion and promoting honest conversations.

On RAW, when you check out someone’s profile, you’ll see red, green or beige flags. Red flags are for things to be cautious about, while green flags are for positive stuff. And beige, is a behavior that is kind of strange without quite crossing into full-on freaky territory. Red flags on RAW can include being unresponsive, canceling a date at the last minute, sending creepy photos, or constantly talking about their ex. On the other hand, green flags would be suggesting a great place to go, being reliable, asking questions, and being an interesting person who’s ready for something serious. However, these things might look differently to different people, so it’s up to you to leave feedback. This feature also helps to get to know the person better — like whether they prefer texting or talking on the phone. You can learn and maybe even adjust your communication style for a better connection. 

RAW wants to make it clear that the ‘Respect Meter’ isn’t there to judge or label people. Users can’t manipulate the rating, because the service provides all flags. Everything is handled politely and neatly — you can’t just write whatever you want and create a toxic environment. Instead, it’s about creating an environment where everyone understands and respects each other. It’s designed to help users feel more confident while dating, promote positive behavior, and encourage a culture of respect.

Ghosting killer arrived

Above all, to prevent ghosting, RAW has a limit on the number of unanswered chats. When you reach the limit and want to message someone new, you’ll need to go and respond to old chats first or uncrush them. If you start a chat, be brave enough to finish it — don’t disappear for no reason. Uncrush if there’s no chemistry, but keep things respectful.

“At RAW, we’re all about creating a safe environment, so when our users have a crush, they have the option to express their opinion,” a co-founder explained. “We believe in respect and honesty, and our app is designed to reflect that.”


RAW is not just another fake dating app. No fakes, no catfishing, and no scams here – just authentic raw people looking to fall in love at first sight. Daily photos made through back&front camera get you a real crush, not fake profiles. With RAW, what you see is what you get.

RAW Dating App is available for download on the App Store today.

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