Romance-investment scams net over 860m baht in eight months #nigeria | #nigeriascams | #lovescams

A total of 2,123 complaints of hybrid romance scams were filed via between March and October 1, said police spokeswoman Noppawan Panya.

“A total of 189 cases worth over 150 million baht were filed in October alone,” she said.

Hybrid romance scammers usually use fake profiles on dating apps, Line, Facebook or Instagram to lure their victims, she said.

The criminals often use photos of good-looking men or women in their profiles.

“After gaining their victim’s confidence, the scammer will advise them to invest a small amount of money via a fake app or website,” she explained. The

At first, victims will be able to withdraw their cash or make a profit, Noppawan said. But after they invest larger sums, they will find that the criminals demand extra fees to withdraw the money. The scammers will often then disappear along with the money invested.

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