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Every day thousands of people all over the world turn to online applications or social networks in order to meet someone.

However, instead of finding romance or the person they had been looking for, many people face an impostor who is trying to cheat them to get money.

Advice No.1 to avoid a Romance Scam

New data from the Federal Trade Commission show that more consumers than ever report falling prey to romance scammers. Consumers reported losing more than 200 million dollars in 2021 alone.

Romance scammers draw people in using pictures stolen from around the internet, building false personas that seem just real enough to be true, but always having a reason never to meet in person. Eventually, the supposed suitor will ask for money from the unwitting consumer.

False stories

They often say they travel outside the country where the potential victim lives, usually saying that:

  • They work on an oil ring
  • In the army
  • They are doctors in an international organization
  • Members of multinational companies
  • Members of charity organizations

So, according to the case, they usually ask for money to:

  • Pay for a ticket and other travel expenses
  • To pay for a medical operation and other medical expenses
  • To pay customs to get something
  • To pay gambling debts because their life is in danger
  • To pay visa or other travel documents

Most popular ways they ask their victims to use to send money:

  • Wiring money
  • MoneyPak or gift coupons from suppliers like Amazon, Google Play, iTunes or Steam

Never send money or gifts to a “loved one” that you have not met in person. If you suspect a scam stop communicating with the person and speak with someone you trust. Search the internet to confirm details he/she has provided.

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