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Like most of the country, we are deeply saddened by the horrific event in Texas this past week. We are thankful for our SRO officers who love our children and will protect them with their lives if necessary. We are also thankful for those who monitor the entrance bell closely. Thank you, principals, teachers, school board and Sheriff’s Office for all you do and will do to protect our children.

The Mahoneys

Another family that has provided much to the Rosman area are the ancestors of Sheriff David Mahoney.

James Robert Mahoney was born in Oconee County, South Carolina. He married Fannie Gussie Simpson in 1892 and moved to Georgia. Three children were born to the marriage: Rebecca Aurelia Mahoney, James Thomas Mahoney and Alice Mahoney.

Aurelia Mahoney married Frank A. Raines, and they moved to Transylvania County. About 1913, James Robert and Fannie Mahoney moved to Rosman with their other two children and lived on Church Street the rest of their lives. He and his son, James Thomas Mahoney, worked at the Toxaway Tanning Company in Rosman until its closure.

James Robert Mahoney was active in his community. According to the history of the Rosman United Methodist Church, the following were the original charter members of the church: Mr. L.M. Watkins, Mr. J.R. Mahoney, Mrs. J.R. Mahoney (Fannie), Miss Alice Mahoney, Mr. Thomas D. Bortleson, Mrs. Thomas D. Bortleson (Mary), and Mr. Baylus Baynard. The first pastor was Rev. R. C. Kirk. The Mahoneys remained active in the church until their deaths.

James Robert was known around Rosman by the nicknames of “Fed” and “Dad” and was well-respected by the residents. He was a farmer in South Carolina and Georgia, a tanner at Toxaway Tanning Company in Rosman, served the community as a self-taught veterinarian and had training as a lawyer. He served as mayor of Rosman for many years. He was a Justice of the Peace for Transylvania County and a register for the local health department.

Fannie was a continuing source of support in all his endeavors. She was a homemaker, a devoted mother and a loving grandmother. After 48 years of marriage, she passed away on Jan. 7, 1940. After Fannie’s death James Robert continued to live at his home on Church Street.

James Thomas Mahoney married Elvira Orr of Oconee County, South Carolina, in April of 1935 and brought his new wife to live in the home on Church Street. They raised 10 children: James Thomas Mahoney, Jr., Robert Frank Mahoney, Cheryl Ruth Mahoney (Scruggs), Charles Larry Mahoney, Glenna Jean Mahoney (Morrison), Edith Jo Mahoney (Owen), John Simpson Mahoney, Vanessa Noreen Mahoney, Ida Elizabeth Mahoney (Wurst), and Anita Susanne Mahoney (Shelton, Peltier).

In early May of 1941, Alice Mahoney became very ill. She was taken to Peek’s Hospital in Pickens, where she underwent surgery. She died on May 18, 1941, in the hospital of a perforated gastric ulcer. Alice was never married.

On April 29, 1949, early on Friday morning, James Robert Mahoney passed away at his home on Church Street. He was buried next to his beloved wife and daughter at the Boylston Baptist Church Cemetery.

Tom and Elvira continued to live and raise their family on Church Street. Tom died in 1964. His wife, Elvira, continued to live in the home and raised the remaining young children. Three of her sons served in the military and returned to Rosman after their discharges. Elvira died in 1992.

Their eldest son, Tommy Mahoney, continued to live in Rosman until his death in 2007. His wife, Brenda Jamerson Mahoney, still lives in Rosman.

Sheriff David Mahoney and his family make their home in the Rosman area.

Thank you Larry and Dorene Mahoney for providing this bit of history for the Mahoney family of Rosman.

School News

This has been a busy week as all our wonderful students finished their school year. Some by graduating, some going up a grade, some by ‘going across the river.’ I hope each boy and girl knows how proud the Rosman area is of you. You are special and loved. Have fun this summer. Congratulations to the RES 5TH grade class.. you are moving across the river to RMS. Graduating from 5th grade is a great accomplishment, and we as a community take great pride in you and your accomplishments.

Our RMS 8TH graders are taking a giant step into RHS. Your community is so very proud of you. We believe in you. Congratulations. A special congratulations to each student who won an award from either RES, RMS, or RHS. Congratulations Rosman High School graduates. Welcome to adulthood. Whether you have chosen college, trade school, military or a job, we believe in you and will celebrate your accomplishments with you. Believe in yourselves as you follow your dreams.

RES PTO Summer Plans

Plans are in place by the RES PTO for some summer fun. Watch for the flyers. Mark your calendars for July 30 and Aug. 26.

Eastatoe News

Bingo this Saturday (June 4). Food starts at 5 p.m. and bingo at 6 p.m.

Our first meeting of the seniors of Eastatoe community was a big success. Speakers from the Transylvania Sheriff Department, Chuck Owenby and Sam Owen, spoke on avoiding being a victim of scams and crimes at home. A very special thank you to Sheriff David Mahoney for sending these officers. Future speakers include a health department representative, a speaker from Hospice, TVS representative and more. We hope to make this helpful, interesting and fun as we visit among ourselves. The June meeting will be June 23, 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Be sure to invite someone.

Champion Park

Champion Park Pool is open Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m., and Sunday, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Have fun and stay safe.

I look forward to collecting the news for the Rosman area. I need your input. Please contact me with your family news (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), church new s(Bible schools, revivals, celebrations, etc) at or call (828) 884-9572.

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