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LAFAYETTE,La. (KLFY)– Although many people turn to dating apps for companionship, these apps are where some of the biggest threats can hide.

Things aren’t always what they seem on dating apps. Sharing personal information with someone you’ve never met in person takes a lot more from us than our courage.

“You’re not sure who that information goes to and some of these dating apps that sometimes seems to be compromised pictures,things that you wouldn’t want published out on the internet for everybody to see. Sometimes people get wrapped up in a situation like this and then the person that they sent these pictures to and agreeing not to do anything with them unless they send some money,” says Chris Babin of the Better Business Bureau of Acadiana.

Even after the money is sent, there is no guarantee that scammers will delete the photos or videos. This could be the beginning of a never ending cycle of blackmail.

Scammers can also build a seemingly genuine relationship only to take advantage of a person’s feelings.

Babin says that in another scenario, the scamming cycle begins when “you begin to grow emotionally with that person and then they start asking for money and different things, so you just have to be really careful on these applications.”

Some quick tips to avoid dating app scams include:

  • Never share your personal information with someone you just met
  • Wait until you know and trust the person, and have preferably met them in person
  • Think before you share photos.
  • Don’t pay scammers. Even if you pay them, there’s no guarantee they will delete photos

People aren’t always who they seem to be in real life, and on the internet that risk is even greater.

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