Scams you NEED to watch out for – including notorious ‘Hi mum’ Whatsapp con | #datingscams | #lovescams

There’s no getting away with the fact that there has been a huge increase in fraud over the last year.

Barclays have said 77% of scams they are seeing originate on social media, online marketplaces and dating apps. TSB also reported a huge spike in cases.

UK Finance, who represent the banking industry, reported that fraud losses in 2021 (the last figures available) totalled £1.3 billion with £1.4 billion in attempted fraud prevented.

Alarmingly, that’s just reported fraud. Stop Scams UK – the industry affiliated organisation dedicated to stopping the scammers – tell me that the actual figure is closer to £4 billion.

What’s particularly concerning is the increase in complaints about sites like Facebook marketplace where many fraudsters masquerade as legitimate retailers.

Or the rise of scams on WhatsApp, including the notorious “hi mum, hi dad” con. Scams using these two businesses alone make up a large number of the fraud cases that people contact me about each week.

So here’s my guide on the latest scams you need to watch out for – and I’ve also roped in my fellow TV expert and technology expert David McClelland to help you understand and avoid identity theft scams.

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