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Proving a lot of people wrong and surprising just about everyone, the Seattle Seahawks are in the 2023 NFL Playoffs. Now what do you need to know?

The Seattle Seahawks Clinch the Last NFC Playoff Spot

After the win over the Rams and the Packers loss to the Lions on Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks stamped their ticket into the 2023 NFL Playoffs. They slide into the final and 7th position for the NFC making their first matchup this Saturday against the 2nd-rated and division rival San Fransico 49ers.

The Seahawks Have Already Played the 49ers Twice This Season

To say that these teams are familiar with each other is an understatement. The Seahawks and the 49ers already played twice this season, and are probably two of the most familiar teams with each other in the entire NFL. The 49ers and Seahawks have battled in epic rivalry games and definitely do not like each other one bit. It should make for an interesting Wild Card battle in Santa Clara, California.

Getty Images

Getty Images

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – DECEMBER 15: Shelby Harris #93 of the Seattle Seahawks pressures Brock Purdy #13 of the San Francisco 49ers during the fourth quarter at Lumen Field on December 15, 2022 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

One Game Was Close, the Other Not so Much

The first time the Seahawks and 49ers played this season was week 2 in Levi’s Stadium in California. The 49ers basically killed the Seahawks by a score of 27-7, and it wasn’t even as close as the score showed. The 49ers went up by 20 in the first half and never looked back. The second game of the season in Seattle was much closer and more competitive. The Seahawks lost 21-13 at home but were within striking distance after coming back in the 4th quarter.

The Seattle Seahawks Might Actually Have the Advantage

You might look at the history this season between the 49ers and the Seahawks and easily pick the 49ers. The truth is that the Seahawks might have the advantage come Wild Card weekend, hear me out.

The Seattle Seahawks Have Nothing to Lose

Yes, the 49ers beat the Seahawks already twice this season but it could be a lot different come this Saturday. First, the Seattle Seahawks have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain this weekend. They have already surpassed all expectations and even getting to the playoffs was something most fans never even dreamed would happen this season. The Seahawks will be playing free of the pressure of expectations and letting it all hangout. Sometimes that is all a team needs to pull off an upset.

It is Difficult to Beat the Same Team 3 Times in a Row in the NFL

There are a few other reasons I think the Seahawks have a better-than-average chance to win this Saturday against the 49ers. The 49ers have a rookie QB, and rookies have historically not done well in the NFL Playoffs, going 9-18 since 1983. Also, it is very difficult to beat the same team 3 times in a row in the NFL. The 49ers have won the last two this season, but the second was more competitive. Expect the Seahawks to play a close game and maybe even shock the world by knocking out the 2nd rated team in the NFC.

What Time is the Seahawks and 49ers 2023 NFL Playoff Game?

The Seattle Seahawks will take on the San Fransisco 49ers this Saturday, January 14th at 1:30 pm pacific or 4:30 pm eastern. The game will be broadcast on Fox like most other Seahawks season games. If the Seahawks win, they will play in the Divisional round against the 1st ranked Eagles next weekend. I know that because the Seahawks are the 7th and lowest seed, meaning they always have to play the highest-ranked team ie the Eagles. Go Seahawks!

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