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A very guilty person who fled a bar-restaurant without paying has finally settled their tab . . . 15 years later.

And the mystery drinker who “drank a few glasses of wine” with some friends at the Simposio Bar in Trento, Italy stumped up four times what they originally owed. The name of the wine-lover is not known, but they sent a letter to the establishment with £26 inside (in Euros) and a lengthy note apologising for “becoming thieves”.

In the letter, which bar manager Andrea Bosisio posted on social media – which inevitably went viral – the person explained what happened on the night they came in, and went on to detail how they haven’t returned during that time because of guilty.

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‘Now I will be able to return to your place with my head held high,’ they said(Image: CEN)

They wrote: “One Saturday evening 15 years ago I came to your restaurant with some friends and drank a few glasses of wine. Out of fun, we left without paying. We have wronged you and us by becoming thieves. That’s why I haven’t set foot in your house since that day.

“Today I am here to apologise to you and try to make amends for what is owed. I enclose quadruple the cost of that chalice and add a few more euros for each person in that group of friends, as a balance and a small token to also repair their mistake.

“Now I will be able to return to your place with my head held high.”

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