Some Wells Fargo Customers Say Their Deposits Aren’t Showing Up in Their Accounts | #ukscams | #datingscams | #european

“For the second time this year, Wells Fargo acknowledged that deposits were not showing up in customers’ accounts,” reports NBC News:

In an emailed statement Friday morning, a Wells Fargo representative said the issue was affecting a “limited number of customers,” and that “the vast majority” of instances had been resolved before noon, while the “few remaining” would be resolved soon. This week’s incident mirrored one encountered by Wells Fargo customers in March, which the company then blamed on an unspecified “technical issue….”

Customers nationwide appeared to be affected by this week’s outage. Jeani Cortez, a single, disabled, self-employed accountant and Alaska resident, says she was supposed to have paid her rent, gas, electric and internet payments for the month by now with funds she deposited Wednesday. She said she was told Friday by a Wells Fargo representative that she would not be able to access her deposit for another three to five business days. She’d earlier been told that Wells Fargo could send her a letter to give to her creditors; that too has not arrived.

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