South African Pastor Charges People $1,160 to “See God in Heaven” | #daitngscams | #lovescams

A South African pastor recently sparked controversy online after it was revealed that he was charging people serious money for real-life miracles, like seeing God in heaven.

If you’ve always wanted to see your maker without actually ending your mortal life, MS Budeli, one of the many shady pastors in Africa, claims he can help, if you can pay his fee, of course. According to a promotional poster that has been doing the rounds on social media, Pastor MS Budeli has the power to help people see their future in their smartphones, cancel all their financial debt and even see God. All people have to do is show up for his “Worship Conference” and pay the special prayer fees.

On December 25, Pastor MS Budeli is scheduled to host his Worship Conference, a special event where people can hear his sermons and engage in some truly special prayers. The only problem is that, like anything worth having or doing, special prayers aren’t cheap.

For example, “to see God in Heaven”, people need to pay 20,000 rands ($1,160), if they want all their debt canceled, they need to cough up 5,000 rands ($290), to get married the very next day, it’ll be 10,000 rands ($580), and to see the future in a smartphone, 20,000 rands ($1,160).

Those are some shocking claims, but not nearly as shocking as the fact that beating a gambling game is apparently 15 times for expensive than seeing God in Heaven. MS Budeli is charging people 300,000 rands ($17,400) to beat the Aviator Game, a popular online gambling game. That’s 15 times more than seeing God…


“Good luck to all who are going to fall for this nonsense,” one person commented on a picture of MS Budeli’s poster for his Worship Conference.

“What I know is that our beloved family and friends are still going to fall into this trap like papa did before, they don’t learn,” someone else wrote.

This is just one of the many crazy scams we’ve seen from African pastors in the past. We wrote about a pastor who staged a fake resurrection to trick his congregation, another who healed people by spraying them in the face with bug spray, and who could forget the pastor who claimed to have God’s direct phone number.

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