S’porean Woman Almost Gets Scammed By Tinder Date In Taiwan, Convenience Store Clerk Calls Police | #datingscams | #lovescams

Those who have used dating apps before will know that it’s good to meet new people but there are also plenty of scammers who are lurking around as well.

On 31 October, a Singaporean woman who went on a solo trip to Taiwan was supposed to meet her hot Tinder date in front of a convenience store. The man was known as Chen and he said that he would act as the Singaporean’s tour guide.

After waiting for a while, the 24-year-old woman texted Chen and he said that he was busy with something else, however, he followed up his message by sending her a gory video of a woman getting beat up.

He demanded that she pay him 30,000 NTD (RM4,350) in the form of gift cards and further threatened her by saying that if she did not comply, she would be beaten up just like in the video.

The convenience store clerk noticed that something was amiss and called the police reporting a scam, reported Shin Min Daily.

When the police arrived, they talked to the woman who was visibly shaken. They advised her to block him at first but she was worried that he would find her as she had sent him a picture of her ID.

After the police told her that this is a common tactic for love scams, she only realised she had been duped.

They escorted her back to her place of residence at the time and the woman was grateful towards them for helping her.

Don’t forget to be extra wary when you’re using dating apps out of your own country!


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