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Our high-value clients have asked us for a specific service that helps combat fake profiles of themselves on social media. We have removed hundreds of profiles impersonating our clients on a per-request basis; however, that’s not enough. With AI and fake image creation by impersonators using Midjourney, Dall-3, or Stable Diffusion, it’s becoming way too easy to fake celebrities, business leaders, and influencers. This must stop and that’s why we have created a brand new service at called Fake Profile Hunter.

What is the difference between Fake Profile Creation and Impersonation?

Fake Profile Creation

This refers to fabricating an online identity using fictitious information or a mix of real and false details. These profiles can be found on social media platforms, dating sites, forums, and even professional networking sites like LinkedIn.


It’s a step further than creating a fake profile. Impersonation involves the malicious act of using someone else’s name, photos, and other personal information without their consent, effectively stealing their online identity.

The Mechanics Behind a Convincing Fake Profile

  • Profile Picture: Often sourced from stock photos, unsuspecting users’ profiles, or AI-generated facial images. Advances in deep learning have made it possible to create hyper-realistic images of people who don’t exist.
  • Complete Biographical Data: The most convincing profiles have comprehensive details, including date of birth, hometown, educational and work background.
  • Integrated Social Activity: A fake profile is not static. It often posts updates, likes others, and interacts to appear authentic.
  • Friend and Connection Accumulation: The profile will send friend/connection requests to random people or specific targets.
  • Use of Bots: Automated scripts can run these profiles, making them post or interact at specific times.

Why Do People Create Fake Profiles or Impersonate Others?

  • Scams and Financial Fraud: By gaining trust, scammers can manipulate others into sharing personal information or money.
  • Information Gathering (Espionage): Extracting sensitive information from specific targets.
  • Reputation Damage: Spreading false information to harm someone’s public image.
  • Fun and Mischief: Some do it for the thrill, without harmful intent.

How Individuals Can Combat Fake Profiles and Impersonation

  • Enhanced Privacy Settings: Regularly review and adjust privacy settings on all social media platforms. Limit the amount of personal information displayed publicly.
  • Regularly Monitor Your Online Presence: Google your name periodically. Set up alerts for your name using online monitoring tools.
  • Be Wary of Friend Requests: Especially if there is no mutual connection or the profile appears new.
  • Educate and Warn: Share knowledge of threats with family and friends.

Why is Impersonation Such a Big Deal?

Your online presence isn’t just a convenience – it’s your reputation, your brand, and, in many ways, your identity. Impersonators don’t just steal your photos; they steal your voice, your trustworthiness, and the credibility you’ve built with friends, followers, or clients.

Whether for malicious mischief, financial fraud, cyberbullying, espionage, or tarnishing reputations, impersonators have diverse motives, making it crucial for high-value targets to guard against such threats.

How Does’s Fake Profile Hunter Work?

  1. Proactive Scanning: Instead of waiting for impersonation to cause damage, our service continually scans popular platforms, forums, social media sites, and even professional networks for profiles matching or mirroring our subscribers’ details.
    • We Scan:
      • LinkedIn
      • Instagram
      • TikTok
      • Facebook
      • X
      • Websites
  2. Prompt Removal: Once a fake profile is identified, our team takes swift action. We liaise with each platform’s legal team, invoking necessary protocols to have fake profiles removed.
  3. Quarterly Reporting: Subscribers receive timely reports detailing any impersonation attempts, ensuring they’re always in the loop.
  4. Educational Insights: Along with our detection and removal services, clients receive valuable information on maintaining online privacy and minimizing risks.
  5. On-demand security audits and removal: A Fake Profile Hunter subscription includes complimentary security audits and the removal of any fake profiles reported to our removal team.

Pricing and Onboarding

Due to the extensive labor behind each Fake Profile Hunter takedown and the subsequent manual searches that must be done regularly, our service starts at $179 per month per client. While we understand that our price level is out of reach for many potential clients, we can’t offer a subpar service. We want to be able to follow up with our high-value clients, providing the best service we can possibly give.

We always do a remote video call with each client as a part of our onboarding process to map your existing online presence and to understand the scope of threats that you are facing.

If you are interested in our Fake Profile Hunter service, please email’s founder at

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