Telugu Heroine Dragged In International WhatsApp Scam | #whatsapp | #lovescams | #phonescams

Nowadays, whatsapp frauds are quite widespread. Scammers con individuals by posing as someone else. Here is an example with telugu native Chandini Chowdary. Chandini was involved in a global whatsapp fraud, and the actress posted a statement on instagram about it. “Over the past few months, numerous foreign numbers have been utilising my number and the numbers of my coworkers to defraud people by requesting personal information.

Chandini posted on instagram, “I hereby urge everyone not to react to such scams.” She even provided a few screenshots of international con artists using Chandini’s image to communicate with others and solicit private data. The actress pleaded with everyone to refrain from engaging in such illegal talks and offensive messages on social media and other platforms.

The actress chandini chowdary is the most recent victim of social media crimes. She has been the target of scammers. Recently, scammers mimicking famous people have become widespread. chandini chowdary posted a complaint on instagram about people posing as her. She also sent some screenshots. Everyone was cautioned to use caution by Chandini. If such clowns contact you, “I strongly recommend and request everyone to report such advances and never disclose any sensitive details or any details at all,” she continued. chandini chowdary is most known for playing the protagonist in the movie “Color Photo,” but she has also been in a number of other movies, including “Brahmotsavam,” “Shamanthakamani,” “Lie,” and “Sammathame.”

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