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Texarkana Texas Police need your help in identifying a man who tried to break into an ATM twice on New Boston Road first on Tuesday morning then he came back for his second try on Thursday morning. 

This guy was persistent as he first tried to break into the ATM with a  pick ax and a sledgehammer.

Police made the statement that he was trying so hard that he worked up a sweat and had to take his mask off to catch his breath.

Lucky for the police he forgot all about the cameras so law enforcement was able to get some really great photos of this guy from the security cameras.

With his first try, he finally gave up but he wasn’t done as he said on the video he would be back. And he did come back early Thursday morning.

Texarkana Texas Police posted on their Facebook page,

Sure enough, he did come back again early Thursday morning – only this time he came prepared to try a more finesse approach. Armed with a hammer, screwdriver, and what looks like a piece of PVC pipe, he started working to open the ATM. However, his new technique wasn’t any more effective than the first one. After several minutes of trying, he was forced to acknowledge defeat and that he had struck out yet again.

TTPD said they really appreciate his hard work because they were able to get great photos of him from the ATM camera. As you can see they really are great clear photos so surely there is someone that will recognize him.

If you do recognize him, please call the TTPD at (903) 798-3116. There is also a chance to receive reward money of up to $1,000 if you call Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP and your information leads to an arrest.

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