Texas man pleads guilty to role in $1.6M romance scam plot #nigeria | #nigeriascams | #lovescams

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – A Texas man has pleaded guilty to his role in a romance scam in which women from across the nation were cheated out of a total of about $1.6 million by someone often pretending to be a U.S. Army general.

Federal prosecutors say 52-year-old Fola Alabi pleaded guilty in Rhode Island last week to conspiracy and money laundering.

According to prosecutors, someone often posing as a general stationed overseas befriended women online, then gradually gained their trust by feigning romantic or personal interest before asking for money.

The victims were from Rhode Island, Tennessee, North Carolina, California, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Arizona, Texas, Idaho and South Dakota.

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1/17/2023 11:49:20 AM (GMT -5:00)

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