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A Texas woman speaks out about an “advanced” scammer after a woman attempts to buy her TV with a fake Venmo business account, but she quickly learns that the scammer is trying to pull the same scam that’s been around for a while.

Rachel BlakePhoto byRachel Blake on TikTok

A woman selling a TV on Facebook Marketplace documents an interaction with a scammer on Facebook Marketplace, which is eerily similar to a scam the author has encountered.

Scammer Tries To Scam Texas Woman on Facebook Marketplace Using Venmo

Daily Dot reported on Sunday that Rachel Blake from Houston, TX posted a video on TikTok about a recent encounter on Facebook Marketplace.

She said in the video:

“Okay if you sell things on Facebook Marketplace, I just encountered probably the most advanced scammer yet.

I have encountered Facebook Marketplace scammers before but anyways this woman appears very sweet, kind, asking to buy a TV console that I put on for sale asking details, normal questions, says that ‘She wants to get it, her husband will be by, what area do I live,’ and we exchange the area that I am living and she goes ahead and says, ‘I am going to go ahead and send you a payment, would you prefer Venmo or Zelle?’

I always choose Venmo because I am familiar with Venmo…

…so she says she has a business account and that she has sent me the money but needs my email to send the receipt.

…I get the email, email basically says, ‘In order for a business account to send money to a personal account that she has to give me an additional $350 so that my account balance is $500.’

I tell her, ‘That’s really fishy. Don’t send me any more money…I’m gonna call Venmo, cause that’s super suspicious.” -Rachel Blake, seller on Facebook Marketplace

The Daily Dot points out something that is “not true,” when the scammer claims that a business account must send $350 over the actual amount when sending money to personal Venmo accounts.

‘Advanced’ Scamming

Then when Rachel is looking over the email she received from the woman, she clicks on the phone number at the bottom, and it transfers her to a Google number, so she hangs up immediately.

She is on the phone from the real Venmo customer service, who confirms that she is dealing with a scammer on Facebook Marketplace.

When she gets off the phone with Venmo, she sees about 10 calls from the old Venmo number (a spoofed call). When it is over, Rachel tries to get this Venmo business account shut down, because it is being used for a scam.

The advanced piece to the scam Rachel describes is that part where the scammer attempts to contact her repeatedly using a spoofed Venmo phone number, likely in an attempt to convince the person that the transaction is legitimate and should proceed with it.

She said:

“…Unfortunately there’s a lot of really bad people out there, and it’s one of those scams where, any time they have to send you more money and say, ‘I will trust you send it back,’ I’m like: ‘Oh no no no’.” -Rachel Blake, seller on Facebook Marketplace

Rachel responded to the scammer, informing them that she “got it all fixed” with Venmo and that they could come by to pick up the TV, but nothing else was heard from the scammer.

Rachel’s TikTok video can be seen below.

The Author Encountered a Similar Scam on Facebook Marketplace

Years ago, I had completed a college course with a textbook in great condition, so I thought I would try to sell it while the course textbook was still being used.

I listed the college textbook on Facebook Marketplace. A man contacted me and acted interested in the textbook. The person wanted to send me a check, but as he kept messaging me, something didn’t feel right.

This person was going to send me a check for an amount over what I was asking for the textbook. They wanted to send me like $500 for a textbook I was selling for $150.

I picked up on the red flags and ended communication with this scammer.

Update: Rachel Posted an Update Video

Many people reached out to Rachel since her first video so she posted a follow up video, thanking everyone for their responses.

She said:

“You guys have been very passionate about the Facebook Marketplace scammer story. I am thankful that I wasn’t actually scammed, but I had no idea that this scamming was such an issue on the Marketplace so I will definitely be using cash in the future, so thank you for all the tips…” -Rachel Blake, seller on Facebook Marketplace

Her follow-up video can be seen below.


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