Thai man trapped in a crooked web of deceit seeks media help after being swindled by cunning con artist #nigeria | #nigeriascams | #lovescams

A Thai man sought help from a Thai media agency to highlight his plight after falling victim to a crooked Thai woman who spun a web of deceit and swindled over 300,000 baht from him. It was later discovered he wasn’t her only victim and that she had also deceived numerous men by manipulating romantic relationships.

A 41 year old Thai man named Jimmy revealed during an interview with Channel 3 that he met a Thai woman named Ant on the Facebook Dating and Love platform in 2016. He liked Ant and talked to her via Facebook Messenger. Ant rarely replied to him until he met her in person for the first time in front of a school where she worked as a teacher in October of 2017.

Jimmy explained that Ant replied to his messages more often after the meeting. Encouraged by her engagement, he began flirting with her and frequently treated her to food and snacks during her time at school. In 2020, Ant told him that she was having financial problems so he obliged and gave her 5,000 baht.

Jimmy went on to explain that Ant then suggested that they build a nest egg together for their future together and asked him to transfer money to save. With the belief that a life together with Ant awaited him, he transferred between 500 to 15,000 baht most days. Ant added that if he wanted any of the money, he must tell her one month in advance.

Jimmy’s world came crashing in on him on Saturday, June 10 when another Thai man named A messaged him via Facebook and told him that Ant was deceiving him. A said he had a sexual relationship with Ant and lost over 100,000 baht to her.

Jimmy was not convinced by A’s claims at first. However, he began reflecting on his relationship with Ant and realised that he was another victim. According to Jimmy, he’d only been to her condominium three times over the three years he had known her and never had sex. Moreover, he met several men when out with Ant who she always claimed were either brothers or friends.

When Jimmy asked for his money back, Ant said…

“Sue me if you want your money back.”

Another victim, a former soldier named Night, came forward to recount Ant’s deceptive actions to Channel 3. Night disclosed that he met Ant on a dating app two years ago. He revealed that Ant was lovely and caring, and he fell in love with her. He transferred about 4,000 to 5,000 baht per month because Ant always told him about her difficult life.

Night found out the truth when another soldier living in Kanchanaburi province told him that he had been deceived by Ant and lost nearly 100,000 baht to her. Night added that he knew about Jimmy. Ant told him that Jimmy flirted with her and transferred money to her even though she ignored him.

According to the victims, Ant lured at least seven men into her crooked romance scam and most of them were government officials.

Ant remains at large and the case is currently under investigation by the police. Jimmy has provided the authorities with evidence in the form of money transfer receipts to facilitate the investigation.

Meanwhile, a message to all of those men out there looking for love, don’t get caught in Ant’s crooked web of deceit.

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