The biggest ideas and pettiest rages in Walter Isaacson’s Elon Musk biography | Ap | #datingscams | #russianliovescams | #lovescams

Walter Isaacson’s newest book, ” Elon Musk,” about the temperamental corporate executive who runs Tesla, SpaceX and the company formerly known as Twitter, goes on sale this week.

Musk is already one of the most well known and extensively covered leaders in American corporate life (and one of its most unavoidable figures on the service he has renamed X). Isaacson’s biography is a Musk agonistes: a portrait of a (largely) self-made, emotionally volatile entrepreneur from South Africa who has a tortured relationship with his father and an addiction to crises of the self-inflicted variety.

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kAmQ*@FVC6 2? :5:@E[Q z:>32=[ H9@ QDE@AA65 7@==@H:?8 t=@? @? %H:EE6C 3642FD6 :E H2D E@@ ?6CG6\HC24<:?8[Q E@=5 9:D 3C@E96C @7 E96 !6=@D: EH66E] Q$E@A 72==:?8 7@C H6:C5 D—]Q z:>32= |FD< H2D 5@H? @? 9:D k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]=2E:>6D]4@>^3FD:?6DD^DE@CJ^a_aa\_c\ad^6=@?\>FD<\3FJD\EH:EE6CQm3C@E96CVD %H:EE6C 24BF:D:E:@?k^2m 2=E@86E96C] QxEVD 2 A:>A=6 @? E96 2— @7 H92E D9@F=5 36 J@FC :>A24E @? E96 H@C=5]Qk^Am

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kAm~G6C E96 J62CD[ |FD< 4C:E:4D 92G6 244FD65 9:> @7 86EE:?8 2 =68 FA 😕 =:76 3642FD6 @7 >@?6J 9:D 72E96C >256 7C@> 6>6C2=5 >:?6D] xD224D@?[ H9@ :?E6CG:6H65 tCC@= |FD<[ C6A@CED E92E tCC@= DECF4< 2 3=24<\>2C<6E 562= E@ C646:G6 6>6C2=5D 7C@> E9C66 >:?6D 😕 +2>3:2 E@ 4FE 😕 y@92??6D3FC8[ 3FE E92E tCC@= 5:5 ?@E 92G6 2? @H?6CD9:A DE2<6 😕 E96 >:?6D] w6 C6A@CE65=J 62C?65 Sa`_[___ 7C@> E9@D6 >:?6D 367@C6 E96 3FD:?6DD 4@==2AD65 😕 E96 `hg_D]k^Am

kAmqFE xD224D@? 42==D :E 2 Q>JE9Q E92E t=@? 6>:8C2E65 😕 `hgh H:E9 H62=E9 7C@> 9:D 72E96CVD 6>6C2=5 3FD:?6DD] xD224D@? HC:E6D E92E tCC@=VD 6>6C2=5 3FD:?6DD 925 364@>6 QH@CE9=6DDQ J62CD 62C=:6C[ 2?5 E92E 96 @?=J 82G6 9:D D@? Sa[___ 😕 EC2G6=6CVD 4964<D H96? t=@? |FD< >@G65 E@ r2?252 E92E J62C]k^Am

kAmxD224D@? 2?5 E96 >F55:65 H2E6CD @7 E96 |FD<\&<C2:?6 4@?EC@G6CDJk^Am

kAmx? E96 52JD 367@C6 :ED C6=62D6[ xD224D@?VD 3@@< 92D A:4<65 FA 9625=:?6D 7@C 2 492AE6C[ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]H2D9:?8E@?A@DE]4@>^@A:?:@?D^a_ab^_h^_f^6=@?\>FD<\DE2C=:?<\F<C2:?6\CFDD:2\:?G2D:@?^Qm6I46CAE65 😕 E96 (2D9:?8E@? !@DEk^2m[ 56E2:=:?8 |FD<VD :?E6CG6?E:@? :?E@ E96 #FDD:2?\&<C2:?:2? H2C] x? |2C49 a_aa[ 27E6C #FDD:2 =2F?4965 2 H:56\D42=6 :?G2D:@? @7 &<C2:?6[ |FD< BF:4<=J @776C65 E@ 5@?2E6 $E2C=:?< D2E6==:E6 :?E6C?6E D6CG:46D E@ E96 &<C2:?:2? 8@G6C?>6?E E@ 2:5 😕 E96 4@F?ECJVD >:=:E2CJ 5676?D6]k^Am

kAmqFE E92E $6AE6>36C[ xD224D@? HC@E6[ |FD< 67764E:G6=J E9H2CE65 2 &<C2:?:2? DF3>2C:?6 5C@?6 2EE24< 282:?DE E96 #FDD:2? 7=66E 32D65 😕 #FDD:2?\@44FA:65 rC:>62] Q%96 #FDD:2? 2>32DD25@C 925 H2C?65 9:>[ 😕 2 4@?G6CD2E:@? 2 76H H66<D 62C=:6C[ E92E 2EE24<:?8 rC:>62 H@F=5 36 2 C65 =:?6 2?5 4@F=5 =625 E@ 2 ?F4=62C C6DA@?D6[Q xD224D@? HC@E6]k^Am

kAmxE H2D E96 6?DF:?8 56E2:= 7C@> xD224D@? E92E 42F89E 9625=:?6Di |FD< QD64C6E=J E@=5 9:D 6?8:?66CD E@ EFC? @77 4@G6C286 H:E9:? 2 9F?5C65 <:=@>6E6CD @7 E96 rC:>62? 4@2DE[Q H9:49 ?6FEC2=:K65 E96 5C@?6D] xE D@F?565 2D :7 |FD< 925 24E65 2E E96 3696DE @7 E96 #FDD:2? 8@G6C?>6?E]k^Am

kAm~? uC:52J[ xD224D@? k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^EH:EE6C]4@>^(2=E6CxD224D@?^DE2EFD^`f__bcaacaah_h_`be`nDla_QmA@DE65 2 4@CC64E:@?k^2m @? |FD<VD D@4:2= >65:2 D6CG:46[ ) W7@C>6C=J %H:EE6CXi Q%96 &<C2:?:2?D %w~&vw% 4@G6C286 H2D 6?23=65 2== E96 H2J E@ rC:>62[ 3FE :E H2D ?@E] %96J 2D<65 |FD< E@ 6?23=6 :E 7@C E96:C 5C@?6 DF3 2EE24< @? E96 #FDD:2? 7=66E] |FD< 5:5 ?@E 6?23=6 :E]]]Qk^Am

kAm%96 C6DE @7 xD224D@?VD 492AE6C @? E96 :?4:56?E 8:G6D 2 =:EE=6 >@C6 4@?E6IE] |FD< H2D DFCAC:D65 2E E96 3=@H324<[ 8:G6? E92E 96 925 5:C64E=J 5@?2E65 DFAA@CE E@ E96 &<C2:?:2? >:=:E2CJ 5676?D6 😕 2 H2J E92E ?@ @E96C 4@>A2?J 4@F=5] qFE 96 2=D@ D66>65 E@ 92G6 3:EE6?[ 92C5[ @? E96 #FDD:2? 8@G6C?>6?EVD 3=F77D @7 A@E6?E:2= ?F4=62C C6E2=:2E:@?j &<C2:?6 92D D:?46 =2F?4965 >2?J 2EE24<D 3@E9 @? rC:>62 2?5 #FDD:2? D@:= H:E9@FE >2;@C 6D42=2E:@?]k^Am

kAmQw@H 2> x 😕 E9:D H2CnQ |FD< 2D<65 xD224D@? 😕 2 42==] Q$E2C=:?< H2D ?@E >62?E E@ 36 :?G@=G65 😕 H2CD]Q u@==@H:?8 E96 7FC@C[ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]=2E:>6D]4@>^3FD:?6DD^DE@CJ^a_ab\_e\_`^6=@?\>FD<D\DA246I\H:?D\A6?E28@?\562=\7@C\DE2C=:?<\:?\F<C2:?6Qm$E2C=:?< 4@?EC24ED H:E9 8@G6C?>6?E 286?4:6Dk^2m[ H9:49 E96? 564:56 H96C6 :ED E649 😀 FD65 7@C >:=:E2CJ AFCA@D6D] p 8@G6C?>6?E C2E96C E92? 2 AC:G2E6 :?5:G:5F2= 86EE:?8 E@ 564:56 >2EE6CD @7 H2Ci *@F >:89E 42== :E 2 7:CDE AC:?4:A=6]k^Am

kAm©a_ab {@D p?86=6D %:>6D] ‘:D:E 2E k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]=2E:>6D]4@>Qm=2E:>6D]4@>k^2m] s:DEC:3FE65 3J %C:3F?6 r@?E6?E p86?4J[ {{r]k^Am

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