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When it comes to finding partners, online dating websites are the way to go. Nowadays, dating sites are one of the most popular ways to find potential love interests. There are numerous dating platforms available online for users. But with the increase in online dating, the cases of online scams have also increased exponentially.


ExpressVPN’s guide to online dating scams reveals that scammers are trapping people on online dating sites in multiple ways. From phishing links to malware attacks, online dating platforms are filled with scammers. Recently, a South African scamming case regarding millions has come to light. A woman was scammed by someone claiming to be Italian, and Cape Town officials have made arrests for the same. There are multiple cases like this where unsuspecting people fall into the trap of scammers.

What Are Online Dating Scams?

Online dating is a way for scammers to create believable storylines for their victims so that they can scam people for money under the guise of an emergency. Usually, these scammers try to create a bond with someone on online dating sites and then try to receive monetary help from them by stating they have a medical emergency or a family emergency. Additionally, there have been cases of malware and ransomware attacks on dating sites.

How To Spot Fake Accounts?

There are multiple ways to spot a fake account on online dating sites. It is advised for people using these sites to interact carefully with strangers. Users can try to reverse search images that are uploaded on a specific profile. Also, they should try to meet in person to ensure they are interacting with a real person.


Additionally, do not in any way or form indulge in monetary transactions with someone who you met on a dating site. Also, try not to click on any links sent to you by someone on dating sites. Usually, these links seem quite harmless; however, they can end up downloading malware to your device.


Make sure to block any people who are asking you for explicit images or money. Even if someone asks you for small amounts, try not to reciprocate. Scammers on dating sites use these methods to build trust in their victims. This could eventually lead to a larger scam that could jeopardize you. Try to branch out on social media once you interact on dating sites. This will help you find out whether someone is a real person or not.

Why Is Online Dating Dangerous?

Online dating is dangerous because there are no proper security measures set up on online dating platforms. Even though some websites have verification procedures, they are not mandatory. Besides, it is very easy for people to create believable profiles.


Due to the ease with which people can create genuine-looking profiles, it is easy for scammers to catfish people. Not only that, extortion scams and malware attacks are also quite common on online dating apps for the same reasons. There is no way for victims to trace scammers if they have blocked them after receiving money.


To ensure your safety on online dating scams, people must try to find out whether a profile is fake or not. Even if you have met someone in real life, try not to send money to anyone. Users must also be aware not to share explicit images that can be used against them. Blackmailing and extortion activities are also widespread on online dating platforms. The best way to protect yourself against such scams is by being aware.

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