The faces of love rats singles need to know as they con victims out of thousands | #datingscams | #lovescams | #facebookscams

Here are just some of the fraudsters and scammers who have fleeced people out of their hard-earned cash. The list includes a number of men who cruelly used the guise of romance to gain money from unwitting women who trusted them.

It comes as nearly £92m was lost by victims across the UK in 2021 at the hands of con artists who strike up relationships with people just to scam money from them. And many of their victims speak out as a warning to others.

This includes one woman who met a man on a Facebook dating site and another who fell for a guy she first met at a pub quiz. Other fraudsters scammed companies and even stole debit cards to rack up thousands of pounds.

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Frederick Diji and Raquel Johnson
Diji claimed he needed money to be released from kidnap and faked his mother’s death for money
Raquel Johnson

A twisted couple from Camberwell conned 80 people out of more than £140,00 after posing as singletons in desperate need of cash on dating websites. Frederick Diji, 37, and his partner Raquel Johnson, 43, succeeded in conning one man out of more than £100,000 in an elaborate romance fraud spanning over a decade.

Using fake profiles, Diji would match with victims on dating websites such as Gaydar and would ‘lovebomb’ them with phone calls and messages. He then told repeated lies such as he was being held by Dutch customs, he needed money to be released from kidnappers or that his mum was sick abroad and he needed cash for funeral costs.

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